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United Principalities 1862/64: 6 pa. red handstruck from single Dies on thin wove paper, five single adhesives with fair to good margins, tied by "TIRGOVISTEA 14 / 7" cds's (Kiriac fig. 354) to cover front directed to Bucharest. The adhesives cut out of the sheet and glued one aside the other, partially overlapping. Horizontal and vertical filing folds, one slightly touching the third stamp from left. Minor irregularities as to be expected from such a mass franking, nevertheless an impressive presentation of the 30 parale office to office rate. Signed Heimbüchler; cert. Gmach (2020).rnNote: Another comparable mass franking of the 6 parale from Tirgovistea is known, this time ten examples to pay either a double rate cover or a registered single rate cover, sold as part of the Cornelia collection in the Corinphila sale 149 (Feb 2007), lot 5054. Interestingly, both items were despatched on the same day (July 14) and presumably in the same year, the Cornelia item shows the handwritten number '156', the present item the number '157', both in an identical handwriting. This suggests either a shortage of 30 parale stamps in Tirgovistea at that time or - more probably - a usage of the 6 parale stamps which were not needed on local letters in small cities such as Tirgovistea. One cannot exclude that also the present item was part of a registered cover with the registration fee franking on the back and a RECEPISSE handstamp missing.
Catalogue 257: EUROPE & OVERSEAS


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