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1872/76: Selection 18 covers/entires with Cérès 1871/72 frankings, incl. four combination frankings with earlier issues with 70 c. franking bearing 25 c. blue (3) and Napoléon perf. 5 c. green, three-colour franking from Alexandria with Siège 40 c. orange and Cérès 5 c. green (2) and 15 c. bistre (2), entire to Trieste with Siège 40 c. orange and 10 c. brown on rose (2), and part cover to Montreal bearing Siège 40 c. orange, Cérès 10 c. brown on rose and 80 c. rose. Further on Cérès 2 c. red-brown and 4 c. grey as single frankings on printed matter, 5 c. green in a marginal strip of five, 10 c. brown on rose (3) on entire to Switzerland, 30 c. brown in a pair on Shipmail entire to Piraeus, 80 c. rose on double rate cover to Italy, 15 c. bistre Petits Chiffres on local cover with bureau de distribution cogwheel cds alongside, 25 c. blue in type I and III, three single frankings, one marginal, one with 'cassure de cliché', one from a small train station P.O. in Algeria, and in a strip of three on registered cover. Also three combination frankings with 1 c. olive & 2 c. red-brown on circular, 5 c. green & 25 c. blue on Shipmail cover to Constantinople and 10 c. brown on rose and 30 c. brown (2) in triple rate cover. A most interesting group.

Catalogue 302: The Ing. Provera Collection (part VI)


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