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1871/1965: Significant, attractively presented collection in seven self designed albums with a strong range of the 1871 Dragon series, which is represented by sixteen copies. The 1872 section contains two copies, a 1/2 s and a 2 s. Later sections need to be viewed with a degree of caution, as there are inevitably a small number of forgeries present, although here too is much substance like the 1872 high values. The pre 1876 century section overall is much better than most. The subsequent issues are interlaced with a range of unusual letters, such as a 5 s brown multiple franking from YOKOHAMA to EDINBURGH on a very attractive pre-printed letter originating from the Japan Seismological Society, franked 10s pale blue to PARIS. the 1896 war with China issue constitutes the franking of an overseas letter at the 20s rate to Switzerland. The collector valued the unusual and acquired postcards used in Manchuria and Corea as well as a 1902 money transfer order. Post WWI the collector acquired  more and more unused material as well as the used. Further mentions must include the 1919 airmail set, both with cert Pape BPP and a 1929 around the world flight Zeppelin card with Japanese franking. The 1931 miniature sheet "COMMUNICATIONS" is twice included in unused with full og. Later sections include the National Parks miniature sheets, apparently complete unused and used. From this period the collection displays a good range of completeness, with the key items present, including the 1949 postal week in a complete sheet and on cover. Viewing is a must. Excellent collection with much substance in largely very agreable quality.

Michel Catalogue 291: Europe & Overseas


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