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1849/1939: Lot 30 primarily unused stamps/proofs and ten covers incl. French Occupation, Korça 1920 Cover to Korce franked by France Sower 5 c. green, 10 c. red and 25 c. blue tied by two fine strikes of circular "TERRITOIRE DE POGRADEC / POSTE" cachets in red  with "KORYTSA / ALBANIE" cds; Italian Post Offices 1918 Cover to Bari franked by Italy 40 c. orange tied by "POSTE ITALIANE / DELVINO" cds with information strike adjacent (Oct. 29), Reseal Censor at side tied by "VERIFICATO / PER CENSURA / AGIROCASTRO" in black, a scarce Civilian usage just after the War; Ottoman Post Offices 1849/1911 six covers/cards with prestamp cover showing superb strike of Scutari negative seal handstamp in black, 1901 1 pi. stat. envelopes (2) with negative seal cancels in violet (one from LABOVAI-ZIR) with ERGUIRI datestamps (C&W fig. 16) in black, 1906 1 pi. stat. envelope with Peshkepi negative seal handstamp and 1911 20 pa. stationery card to London with ELBASSANE cds (C&W fig. 45). In addition 1913 Turkey 10 pi. vermilion, a used well centred example, surcharged with "Double headed Eagle" in black, tied to small piece by part cds in blue (Oct. 16, 1913); 1913 Turkey 20 pa. rose on two buff postal stationery cards, one overprinted with "Double headed Eagle" in brick-red, one overprinted with "Double headed Eagle" in black, variety "Inverted", both with circular "Postat e Qeverriës sĕ Përkohëshme / të Shqipëniës" Control handstamp in black adjacent; Exhibition page with the 1920 unissued Skanderbeg design without 'SHKODER' overprint, complete perf. set of six unused, together with an imperforated proof set in blocks of four, all marginal with some corner blocks, in fine mint never hinged condition. Also Albanian Occupation of Kosovo 1939 15 q. red, used on 1942 Prisoner of War printed stationery letter-sheet to M.-Stammlager XIIF tied by "PEJ" (Kosovo) cds in black and by framed "Kriegsgefangenen-Sendung" cachet in violet. 

Michel Catalogue 291: Europe & Overseas


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