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1871/76: Selection 20 covers/entires with Cérès 1871/72 frankings, incl. 1 c. olive as part of two combination frankings, 2 c. red brown as single franking and pair on printed matter and complete journal, as well as in a mixed franking with Napoléon laureated, 5 c. green on printed matter to Switzerland and on Papiers d'affaires, 10 c. brown on rose cancelled with postman's cachet on his tour, 30 c. brown on entire to Barcelona and from Beyrouth, 10 c. brown on rose Petits Chiffres, seven examples on triple rate cover, also in combination with 20 c. blue on cover from Tunis, 15 c. bistre Petits Chiffres six examples on double rate registered letter, also in combination with Napoléon perforated 5 c., also in combination of same colour but different face value with Napoléon laureated 10 c., also in combination with 25 c. blue to pay the 40 c. rate to Germany, also four covers with 25 c. blue types I & III, one registered.

Catalogue 288: The Ing. Pietro Provera Collection (part IV)


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