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1747/1920c: Selection of covers, stamps, postcards and documents related to wars and revolutions incl. 1747 entire letter with MONS intaglio handstamp, a 2 Armée d'Italie, 1803 Departments conquis Belgium '94 BRUXELLES' in red, 1854/56 three covers from the French and British Army at the Crimea back home, French occupation of Rome cover to France, Nov. 1870 three Ballon montée covers flown by the Général Ulrich, Daguerre and Denis-Papin, two German Fieldpost covers, 1870 three French Fieldpost covers from the  'Armée du Nord' and the 'Armée du Loire, 1870 civil mail cover despatched at a Prussian Fieldpost relais, March 1872 Strassburg to Paris cover, franked but taxed on the French side, 1901 boxer war German Fieldpost cover, 1905 Russo-Japanese War picture postcards, Swiss military postcards, 1900/01 three covers from the Boer war, Russian, Bulgarian and Turkish postcards and adhesives, Epirus Chimara part cover. Also a group of old newspaper cut outs with illustrations especially from the Franco-Prussian war.

Katalog 277: Europe & Overseas


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