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Tuesday May 25, 2021 10:00 to Wednesday May 26, 2021 16:00 America/New_York
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1871-74 balance of a specialized collection on 25 pages, used and unused, 1871 imperforate 48m brown (11), 100m blue (3), 200m vermilion (6), laid and wove paper varieties, Plate I and II, different shades and plate flaws; perforated Issue, 1872 1/2s brown reconstructed block of 24, plus another 24 used and unused examples, including two unused pairs, four singles on part of native cover to Tokyo, with Fukushima transits, plus mostly unused 1s blue (8) and 2s vermilion (5), different shades. The Cherry Blossoms start with 1/2s brown, unused block of 10, plus 24 used and unused singles, various Plates, shades and cancels, other values well represented, with nice showing of shades, multiples and cancels, 2s yellow (9, including two unused and one on faulty cover), 4s rose unused block of four, 10s blue green and yellow green, used and unused of each, 20s lilac two different shades (unused) and four used, plus 30s unused (pinhole at top right corner) and used (Nataka cancel); 1874 Foreign Paper with Syllabics, 1/2s two unused panes of 20, used and unused and other values, numerous Syllabics of 1s blue and 2s yellow, two used examples od 4s rose, three each unused 6s and 10s green, 20s violet (5), 30s gray (9), Bird stamps (10 different used), plus others, additional covers, shades, etc., mixed condition, mostly fine or better. An interesting collection, with many better items, high catalogue value
Estimate: $10000


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