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Hankow. 1897. Hankow (7 June, new style) to Berlin. Franked with 10+20k 1989/92 arms issue, tied by HANKOU * POCHTOVAYA KONTOTRA cds. HSBC cover with wax seal on reverse, alongside with Russian PAGUEBOT cds and Russian ship mail PARAKHOD 4 * VLADIVOSTOK - ODESSA cds, both 7 June (old style). Anothter strike of ahip mail cds 23 June, Odessa transit same day and Berlin 5 Aug arrival. Second earliest recorded cover of Hankou office and one of only two recorded cover with Vladivostok-Odessa ship mail cds.

武漢寄柏林。武漢俄羅斯客郵局第二早實寄封, 兩件有記錄帶有俄羅斯海參威——奧德薩航線戳記的郵件之一。