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Saturday Jul 02, 2022 10:15 to Sunday Jul 03, 2022 18:15 Asia/Hong_Kong

1906 Combination cover. 1906. Urga (29.5) to Kalgan. Red-band cover annotated "to be delivered to merchant Desuncheng, Kalgan to post to Waikwan, Peking. Affixed with 2x 7k arms tied by Urga cds. Additionally affixed with CIP stamps upon arrival at Kalgan (1st day, 5th month). Chinese stamps later removed nevertheless remant still can be seen. Dun-Fu-Yu correpondence. Hellrigl reported that "Less than a dozen covers are known, emanating from Mongolia and addressed to China, franked with both Russian and Chinese stamps".

庫倫寄張家口, 加貼大清郵票轉寄北京, 大清郵票其後被移除。