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Holyland: 1655-1917, "JERUSALEM OF GOLD" Exhibition Collection on 128 leaves starting with Francisca
1655-1917, "JERUSALEM OF GOLD" Exhibition Collection on 128 leaves starting with Franciscan Convent envelope Jerusalem to Madrid in 1655, probably the earliest known letter from Jerusalem, few other early convent, church, patriarchate and monk letters including incoming mail, the earliest recorded internal letter from Jerusalem to Sayda in 1707, a Mont Zion letter to Rome in 1737, important Venice correspondance letters, pre-adhesive period cholera desinfection letters, private and monk courier letters, a scarce arabic courier letter from Jaffa to Jerusalem in 1824, good destinations to Spain, Constantinopoli and USA in early period, diplomatic courier mail between consulates in Palestine and Egypt, Admirtality Royal post from Genova to Jerusalem in 1849, Mail from Jerusalem through British Post in Alexandria to Edinburgh in 1842, early British Consulate correspondance in 1838, British franked incoming mail 1858, early mail via Beyrouth, French P.O. with excellent cancellations of Jaffa and Jerusalem including several "Cross of Jerusalem" covers, French consular bag mail in 1876, Austrian Post with extremely scarce "AGENZIA DEL LLOYD AUSTRIACO GERUSALE/ME" in blue on cover 1855 to Cospoli (ex Houser, Torrey & Smith) cert. Ferchenbauer, K.u.K. P.O. Gerusalemme cover to USA in 1860, franked covers of Austrian P.O. with very attractive and high frankings, including postage due usages and good cancellations "AUS JERUSALEM", rare usages of postal stationerys in Palestine, newspapers and consulate marks, early incoming mail from Uruguay and other overseas countries, very rare registered mail from Levant P.O. in Jerusalem including scarce labels, parcel cards including very high 34 and 45 Piaster rates to USA, German P.O. China registered to Jerusalem in 1911, German military mail in Palestine during WW I, Russian P.O. in Jaffa, Italian P.O. rare Express mail in 1914, Ottoman P.O. including very scarce cancellations, all arabic Kuds and Jaffa marks, telegram cancellations, official mail, Jewish Quarter, different types of registrations marks and labels, turkish railway and military cancellations, many scarce seals and envelope imprints of Holy Land, Hotel and Paquebot cancellations, many certificates from the best experts of this area, Calves, Muntz, Ferchenbauer. Each page of this collection is made with eyecatching and attractive material in the best available quality of this difficult area, an opportunity to get a colletion build in many years with knowledge and high retail value. Please take time to inspect carefully.
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