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Wednesday Nov 22, 2017 09:00 Europe/Zurich
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Nov 21, 21:00 GMT

1871/75: 5 c. green, 15 c. bistre and 80 c. carmine used on 1874 single rate entire letter from Bordeaux to Trinidad all tied by 532 gros chiffres of Bordeaux (Nov 28). Endorsed 'Voie de Southampton pr. W. I. Str.' and carried by RMSP Co. 'Tage' to St. Thomas, then by the 'Mersey' to St. Lucia, again transhippied and carried by the 'Tyne' to Trinidad with double arc cds of receipt (Dec 27). File fold through the 80 c. adhesive but an attractive entire to a scarce destination. Cert. Bakker (1998).
Catalogue 220: Europe & Overseas