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Wednesday Nov 22, 2017 09:00 Europe/Zurich
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1871: Cover front to Chieti, Italy franked by 1870 Siège 20 c. blue (2, both with imperfections) and superb 1870 Bordeaux 80 c. rose with huge margins tied by dotted Abchor lozenge with one 20 c. cancelled in manuscript. Octagonal BUENOS AYRES Consular datestamp (July 30) in black (Salles fig. 1058). The cover found to be double rate and taxed with 'Affranchisement / Insuffisant' in red with 'PD' deleted. Accountancy marking 'F.*56' applied in blue and taxed with '20' decimi due mark with Italy 1870 Postage Due 1 l. pair cancelled at Chieti. Despite imperfections a scarce item. Signed Scheller.
Catalogue 220: Europe & Overseas