Auction #350 - Juergen Meinert German Postal History/Lots and Collections

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Jun 26, 2015 Europe/Berlin

Schwanke Briefmarkenauktionen GmbH Auction #350 - Juergen Meinert German Postal History/Lots and Collections

Friday Jun 26, 2015 10:00 to Saturday Jun 27, 2015 16:00 Europe/Berlin
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Friday Jun 26, 2015 09:00 Europe/London

It is with pleasure and delight that we can announce the sale of the Juergen Meinert – German Postal History collection on June 26, 2015 at our premises.

This collection which had been assembled over 70 years is extraordinary with regard to its depth of research into German postal history from about 1800 to post-war Germany featuring many items which can be considered as unique.


A 1907 parcel card from BAVARIA addressed to Bangkok, Siam, franked with two examples of the 3 Mark value brown (Mi.No. 63y).

German States are well represented with some pre-philatelic delikatessen going back to the 16th century. BERGEDORF boasts with some rarities including some „Maire d`....“ letters and the scarce „T.T.BERGEDORF“ cancellation.

HAMBURG is one of the strongest sections among the German States collections. A real crazy item is shown here: a registered local post card bearing a combination franking of the North German Confederation local stamp for Hamburg and the first issue of the German Reich. Only a handful of those frankings are known to date. This item being the first time offered by public auction.

The next highlight comes from HANOVER. We are talking about a „moderated postage“ which is known for some shorter distance postal routes. Our letter goes from HARBURG to the then Danish town of ALTONA (just crossing the river Elbe via Hamburg) bearing a good franking of two 3 Pfg. stamps with watermark (Mi.No. 6). The Harburg-Altona postal route was not known for a moderated postage rate and moreover it is the first item with a destination abroad. 

GERMAN REICH is very well represented with a plethora of scarce and valuable stamps and frankings be it of the Kaiserreich era, the Inflation period or the later issues from 1924 onwards. My „fifth star“ is a quite a „small“ lot, a parcel card dating to October, 1944 when parcel services in many places were already restricted to certain goods and a circle of previleged persons and companies. Two postal tax stamps had to be applied on this parcel card so that the farmer from the „Unterglottertal“ got his „Fruits & Vegetables“ on their way to the receiver.

A postal card of the German POs in CHINA which bears a double franking, the Chinese stamps cancelled at „Wuhu“ whilst the German stamp was cancelled by a „MSP 20“ c.d.s. (The German canon boat „Iltis“), a scarce combination. 

The large boxed „Bezahlt/Kaiserlich Deutsche Postagentur/Apia“ of SAMOA is seldom found as a complete strike – due to it`s sheer size....This cover dating of 1895 and addressed to Hamburg looks as if having been philatelicly inspired – which it is surely not! 

Every collector knows that the town of ALLENSTEIN housed the International Control Commission for the Plebiscite area in the beginnings of he 1920s. But did you know that a Japanese delegation was working in this commission? Here is the proof – a pre-printed envelope sent registered to Kiel.

UPPER SILESIA is considered by many collectors as the probably most prestigeous area of all German Plebiscites. Our favourite item among a widespread offer of 60+ single lots is the depicted Italian field post card sent by ordinary mail from „Cosel“ on May 14, 1921 – a very late usage coming from a member of the Interallied Commission. The rarity comes with a certificate of Mr. Gruber, the German expert in charge for this philatelic field.

The SAAR area contributes some unique pieces which even might improve a high flying exhibition collection. Shown here is a postal stationery card (Mi.No. P2) with double overprint. This to date unknown variety will be listed in the next „Michel“ catalogue.

GERMANY after the Second World War – a very comprehensive offer featuring especially the first years after the war, from 1946-1948.

Last but not least – my „twelfth star“: again not an expensive item but a very appealing one. The 6 Pfennig stamp of the Allied Control Commission was torn in two pieces before the printing was completed and repaired by the postal authorities by means of a piece of red (!) paper. Commercially used on a printed matter – this must be scarce. Mr. Schlegel isued a photo certificate.

The  collection is offered detailed into approximately 1500 lots, among which many are larger and smaller lots or intact collections in itselves. There will be many good opportunities for collectors and dealers alike.

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