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These collections were assembled by a very prestigious collector/dealer.  Each has many notes. These were used to write the descriptions. Some have copies of articles by the collector/dealer.   These may be in Hebrew or English. Some of the collections can form the basis of a more extensive study, philatelic exhibit, articles in a stamp magazine or a book.  The collector/dealer may be willing to assist in this endeavor. Time permitting, I will work with you.

These are being sold at the prices listed.  Postage is included for US addresses. For non-US addresses, the postage will be the difference between the US postage and the fees to your location. (Warning:  This may be expensive as these are heavy.). Please add 5% if payment by credit card or PAYPAL.


Buy two: take 10% off price of lower priced item

Buy three:  take 15% off both lower priced items

Buy four or more:  take 20% off all items



I will consider offers for volumes within collections.  However, I will not break up volumes.

All sales are FINAL – NO RETURNS.  Condition can vary. I attempted to be as precise as possible.  There could be material not listed. I may have mis-described some items.

I scanned many items from each collection.  These should be representative of what is in the collection.   Please do not ask for additional scans.

One may note that many of the covers are not 100% true commercial covers. I define three types of covers.   These collections contain all three types.

PURE PHILATELIC COVERS have not been in the mail stream.  This includes First Day Covers, special event covers and covers without addresses.

PHILATELICALLY INSPIRED COMMERCIAL COVERS were covers made by or for philatelists.  This includes First Flight Covers that have proof of being flown and FDC that did go thru the mails paying the proper rate.  As long there is some indication that the cover did do postal duty, it can be included. I believe that if it were not for philatelists of the past, we would not have many of our prized covers.

PURE COMMERCIAL COVERS are ordinary mail.


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