91th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Negev Holyland

Prices Realized
Nov 27, 2018 America/New_York

Negev Holyland 91th Holyland Postal Bid Sale

Tuesday Nov 27, 2018 14:00 America/New_York
Last date for bids: 

Unsold Lots Are Available at Start.  for Some Lots, Postage Will Be Included.    

Welcome to the Ninety-first NEGEV HOLYLAND AUCTION.

    This auction features a very nice selection of DOAR IVRI material and the items from the “siege cities”.   There are also some nice art work and newspapers.

    Please note that the closing is a Tuesday and not a Sunday.  I need to be at work that Sunday -- I have a retirement job at SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE in Jackson, NJ.

    AGAIN: When sending your bids by e-mail or the web site please include your full name, address, and a phone-number.  I have some clients with similar names.    If you do not have a full name, address, and a phone-number on your e-mail bids, I will ask for them and not enter the bids until I get that information.   Thanks

    AGAIN: I am keeping the LOW PRICED LOTS. The photos are on the web site.  For my clients who do not use the web or computers, I will send a limited number of scans for free.  These lots are offered AS IS – NO RETURNS.  There is NO COMMISSION but the 4% surcharge and postage will be applied.   The lot numbers start with 601.

    I hope to be in Israel in early January 2019.   If you want to meet with me, please send me an e-mail.   


As we all well know, there is much fraudulent and faked material in the INTERIM period. Certificates are generally not issued for this material. This is, more or less, a BUYER BEWARE area with the material being sold AS IS. Nevertheless, in accordance with the terms of sale #06, if, within 30 days - unless a extension is asked for in writing - a competent authority, whom I recognize, states in writing that the material is faked or fraudulent, a full refund will be given



    This auction has many sheets of Israel stamps.  Even though it may not be explicitly stated on a lot, there may be perforation separations and/or folds.   These are NOT grounds for the return of a lot.   If these are a concern for you, please ask me to double check the lot.




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