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Nov 10, 2021 America/Los_Angeles

COLONIAL STAMP CO. Auction #135 - Public Auction

Wednesday Nov 10, 2021 14:00 America/Los_Angeles

Hello Friends!,

Welcome to our 135th consecutive specialized British Colonial Public Auction featuring a marvelous collection of pristine high values from Ireland.

After conducting a very brisk 7-figure “want list” business (both selling and buying) from my wife’s kitchen table we are back to our offices.  Want list work has always dwarfed our Auction business.  Most of all, I have enjoyed working closely with our world-wide clientele in helping with the forming of excellent Colonial collections, A-Z, both big and small.


An overview of some of what is inside the catalogue:

Great Britain & British Europe:

GB includes a lovely mint £5 orange and unusually nice high values including a 5/- mint I.R. Official, both mint £5 from Cypress and Gibraltar and the scarce Malta 10/- mint.


British Africa (always a personal favorite!):

£2 from Gold Coast – postally used!  Kenya and Uganda £1-£10 mint and £50-£100 “SPECIMEN”.  We offer 24 large Consular Mail issues of Madagascar and a used 50 Rupee Mauritius plus Natal £5 mint, Nyasaland £10 K George V.  We have both mint £5s of Sierra Leone.  There are also some rare Togo occupation issues (and errors) and a strong Zanzibar provisionals and later Sultan’s Palace through 200 Rupee.  Nice Baden-Powell items from Mafeking round out this area.


British Oceania:

Australia highlights include £2 as well as 10/ - 20/ “slash” Postage Dues (the “key” stamps of the country!). Brunei features a rare $3 on 1 155 Japanese Occupation stamp; there are scarce New Britain overprints, a Fiji 9d "Times Express", and a Papua 39a pair showing “rift in clouds”.  There is also some nice inverted centers from Cook Islands and Niue.


British America:

Highlights include a superb Bahamas SG 6 mint, a small but mighty range of mint perforated Ships from British Guiana, a Falkland Islands £1 Tercentenary mint plus mint NH, used and Specimen items. St. Vincent showcases scarce mint early issues and Turks Island #6 1/- mint.  Almost forgot:  Oh Canada!  British Columbia has a lovely example of the very rare mint 5¢ imperf; strong Canadian items include a choice used #1, superb high value Jubilees and a lovely mint example of the pivotal rarity 1¢ on 3¢ Port Hood (ex Dale-Lichtenstein pair)!


Did I forget some other good stamps or sections?  No doubt!  As always:

Best of Bidding Luck to you all!



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