Auction #133 - Public Auction


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Nov 19, 2020 America/Los_Angeles

COLONIAL STAMP CO. Auction #133 - Public Auction

Thursday Nov 19, 2020 14:00 America/Los_Angeles

We welcome all of you to our 133rd consecutive British Colony Auction, and sincerely hope that all of you are well – face masks at the ready!

We are continuing to work on filling want lists every day.  I am happily amazed at the number of lists coming in realizing we all have a lot more time to work on our own collections!  I have then had a chance to work on our Reference Collections as well. We continue to acquire material every month (into 6 figures,) and ship out an equal amount to help insure that we can supply great material, big and small, to help fill-in your want list needs.  So keep them coming and you will be pleasantly surprised at the exceptional depth of the stock!

The current Public Auction starts off with a strong range of Great Britain to the £5 (x2). British Africa contains many scarce to rare items BCA (Nyasaland) includes SG 53a, Cape of Good Hope has fine triangles and the all but impossible mint SG 39!  Strong Gold Coast plus Kenya SG 111b mint (the second one we have had in over 60 years!) and 17 large Madagascar Consular issues.  Natal shows £5 K Edward both s & m and New Republic is 19 lots strong.  Niger Coast provisionals and strong Rhodesia which includes double heads and Admirals (including SG 236a – a great mint rarity!)  Togo shows rarities and there is a major Zanzibar section.

British West Indies has an Antigua #19 mint and there are better early Bahamas items plus strong Barbados, British Guiana, Falkland high values, and scarce Trinidad.

British Oceania is highlighted by a wide run of New Zealand classics (including SG 1) and the impossible “O.P.S.O.”s.  North West Pacific Islands and  Niue have rarities and interesting items as well.

Did I forget the almost 100 lots of Canada and Provinces?  Australia?  British Asia?  As always:

Happy Hunting!



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