Some of the Most Valuable Stamps in the World


Mar 13, 2014 Europe/London

For many enthusiasts, stamp collecting is all about the fun and excitement that comes with every stamp. For others, the allure comes in the form of new knowledge - a stamp can tell a story. But for some, stamp collecting can be about the fortune. Yes, there are rare stamps on the market and these can command high prizes. Though rare and difficult to find, these prized (and expensive) stamps are the targets of many enthusiast, hobbyists and individuals looking to make a quick fortune. Here are some of the most rare and expensive stamps that can surely excite enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Treskilling Yellow

This stamp is said to be worth more than $2 million (1996) and was sold in 2010 for an undisclosed price. This stamp was printed in Sweden and was prized and sought after because of a ‘printing error’. Instead of green, the stamp was printed in yellow. The ‘error’ was first discovered by a school boy in 1886. This stamp first made headlines in 1984 when it was sold for $1.07 million. When it was offered for sale once again in 2010, the stamp made history as the most expensive single postage stamp.

Penny Black

This is UK’s version of a rare and expensive stamp priced at $5 million. Designed by Rowland Hill, this stamp features Queen Victoria based on an artist sketch. This stamp was used for just one year because the cancellation was difficult to spot on a black background. To correct the flaw, new editions of the stamp were printed in red so that the black cancellation marks will be easier to identify. It is said that there are only two pieces of this stamp circulating in the market.

Inverted Jenny

This stamp was first issued in 1918 and is now considered by enthusiasts as one of the most prized stamps to be found. Again, it became a prized stamp because of a printing error - an inverted plane. There are 100 pieces of this stamp available, and in 2005, a block of 4 stamps was sold for $3 million.

Although many of the highly-sought stamps have been located, there are undoubtedly many still waiting to be found, whether in your grandparents' old collections or boxes of letters, or in treasure boxes auctioned on occasion. You may not be able to afford the prized items listed here, but you may be lucky and come across a new gem, sometimes in the most unlikely places.