Popular Stamp Collectors in History


Mar 20, 2014 Europe/London

Stamp collecting is one hobby that never goes out of style. This hobby may have its own share of misconceptions and critics but there’s no denying the popularity of this hobby among many enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. There are now thousands of avid enthusiasts and hobbyists who took the initiative to study, collect stamps and show their stamp collections to the world, but there’s a small circle of popular stamp collectors who managed to impress with their stamp collections and their passion for this unique hobby.

Philipp von Ferrary’s love affair with stamps

If you have interest in philately and you want to know more, then it’s best to discover the collections of Philipp von Ferrary.  Considered as a giant in world philately, Philipp started his hobby when he was just a young boy and managed to come up with one of the best collections in the world. His first major stamp purchase was Judge Philbrick's own stamp collection valued then at £8,000. This collection also included some of the prized collections of Sir Daniel Cooper. His collection also includes some of the rare pieces in the industry including those that were issued in 1917. Unfortunately, his collection was sold by the French government immediately after World War I as part of the fund for war reparations.

The royal stamp collection of King George (United Kingdom) and King Carol II (Romania)

Did you know that even the royals in the past have developed their love affair with stamps? King George served as the President of the Royal Philatelic Society and managed to come up with an important stamp collection. The collection was then given to Queen Elizabeth II, though not as passionate and serious, but also managed to come up with her own collection of Commonwealth and British covers.
Other personalities who also dabbled in stamp collecting were Franklin Roosevelt, writer Ayn Rand and even Freddie Mercury. This long list of the names of popular stamp collectors only validates one thing- stamp collecting is fun and can bring enormous satisfaction!