$2-Denomination Inverted Jenny Stamps - Souvenir Sheet


Apr 24, 2014 Europe/London

The 'most popular error in US stamp printing history’ is now available in a new version and interpreted in the latest souvenir sheets. The latest souvenir sheet features six (6) Inverted Jenny postage stamps in revised denominations. The sheets feature sketches of the first scheduled air mail service that ran between New York, Philadelphia and Washington, the National Postal Museum located in Washington DC and Reuben H. Fleet, an aviation pioneer who served as the team leader of the first batch of airmail pilots. In making the latest versions of the Inverted Jenny stamps, in 2013, the intaglio printing plates were used with the same ‘Jenny’ dies of the original famed error.

How the Inverted Jenny Started

The Inverted Jenny postage stamps were designed and printed to celebrate the maiden airmail service in the country. The stamp feature a Curtiss JN-4H, also known as the ‘Jenny’, a plane that was intended to deliver airmails. But on May 14, 1918, a collector named William T. Robey from Washington DC discovered that the sheet he purchased that featured 100 stamps included an inverted plane. This error was soon acknowledged as a great treasure in philately, and is now considered one of the most highly sought-after items by enthusiasts and collectors around the world. Antonio Alcala served as the art director of the stamp project, and the selvage artwork were done by Steven Noble. This latest interpretation of the popular stamp comes in $2 denomination so that these are easily distinguished from the original Inverted Jenny stamps released in 1918. The souvenir sheet was officially released on September 22, 2013.