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27 Aug 2015
Hellenistic Jewelry and Coinage found in Caesaria

After a gold treasure discovery in Caesaria, Israel once again reported the discovery of another historical treasure trove and this time, the cache featured Hellenistic silver and bronze coins and other objects estimated to be 2,300 years old. This was confirmed by the Israel Antiquities Authority, and according to the officials of the agency, the collection of coinage and objects is one of the most important discoveries in the region and will require more time before the treasure trove can be studied. The excavations in the cave started out February this year, lead by Reuven Zakai, Hen Zakai and Lior Halony, all part of the local caving club, as they took the responsibility of exploring the area for stalactites before the rest of the club members descend into the cave. According to... Read More

7 Aug 2015
Tips on Caring for your Stamp Collection

For enthusiasts and experts in stamp collection and investments, the art of collecting and sharing one’s prized collection will not just bring knowledge, excitement and even cash. There are some instances when problems and issues will also arise, including one’ failure to extend appropriate stamp care and attention.  There will always be stories about damages and tear on the material, using inappropriate glue and attaching the stamps on poor quality materials, and even allowing the stamps to linger in poorly cleaned and maintained areas. All these are not recommended if you want to take stamp studies and collection seriously. If you really want to invest in this highly personal hobby, you’ll need to remember a few maintenance and storage suggestions.... Read More

30 Jul 2015
Issuance of first batch of Iranian stamps

Before the introduction of modern stamps, the Persian Empire relied on couriers to transmit information and documents. Couriers traced a traditional route when delivering correspondences, and started from Babylon, and passing through Hamadan and Tsagros. While this route was in place during ancient times, couriers tried to explore different routes to complete their tasks. Persian leaders including Cyrus valued the importance of a network that can help facilitate communications. It was during his time when stables and stations were established to help couriers complete their work.

A number of postal offices were established in the region starting in 1800s, with British offices leading the way with the opening of offices in Bushire and Muscat... Read More

23 Jul 2015
What to do with an inherited Stamp Collection

So you have received the official word that you inherited a substantial collection of stamps from a close family member. Well, congratulations are in order since a postage stamp collection is always a commendable and sometimes pricey investment. But what will be your next step after learning about this amazing news? There are two things that you can always do - put the stamps on sale or you can always preserve the collection and add a few more postage stamps to grow a respectable stamp collection. Let’s discuss each avenue for you, and hopefully you can get more from the inherited album.

Show off the stamp album and offer these classics for sale!

This is actually the most common option for many individuals who receive the stamp... Read More