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Jul 10, 2018 Europe/London

Universal Philatelic Auctions Sale #70

Tuesday Jul 10, 2018 17:00 Europe/London
  • It’s so easy to test UPA: If You are a New Bidder you receive Your 1st £55 GBP WINNINGS FREE** so you can test my Universal Philatelic Auctions: Continuing 18 years tradition of their Unique Reducing Estimate Auctions PLUS No Buyer’s Premium Universal Philatelic Auctions (UPA) presents one of their most valuable ever 19,909 lot 70th mail-bid sale closing Tuesday 10th July 2018. In keeping with previous auctions ALL lots estimated at £1,000+ GBP will be offered LIVE online at 5pm (UK time) Wednesday 11th July 2018. Live bidders for £1,000+ GBP estimate lots now benefit by no charge for bidding live online. The auction offers 19,909 lots to the value of 1,964,259 GBP comprising worldwide Collections, Sets, Singles, Covers, Proofs, High Values, Rarities, Topicals, FEO etc ... from the broadest range of regions including high quality classic Great Britain, British Empire, British Africa, British North America, India, Europe, British Asia, Asia with China, US and much more. Highlights once again include remarkable particularly strong in GB with High Values, British Empire (with amazing British Africa, KGV, KGVI, Australia, Malaya, India and Hong Kong) plus exceptional Europe and overseas, with very good USA and many other countries too numerous to mention... There are No Buyer’s Premiums plus all lots are covered by their 28 day Total Guarantee. UPA prides itself on offering unique material that Collectors may not be able to source elsewhere and all with their unique reducing estimate system. With No Buyer’s Premium 2,000+ regular bidders stay with UPA saving up to 27% OFF – which is why UPA can offer new winning bidders a free trial of 1st £55 GBP OFF. Please start now.


    (** Offer restricted to bidders in UK, West Europe, USA, Australia, Canada & New Zealand)

    (** one offer per household)


    Bidding stops at 5pm (UK time) Tuesday 10th July 2018


    Please Note : Bids below 80% of the estimate will be respectfully declined. Bidders wishing to purchase such lots for less may have the opportunity to do so in subsequent auction(s).


    LIVE auction of 195 of the most valuable lots from estimate £1,000 GBP upwards – Wednesday 11th July 2018, 5pm (UK time) via Bidders wishing to participate in the LIVE auction must register with by 2pm (UK time) Wednesday 11th July 2018.

    (Please note - the UK is now on British Summer Time - GMT +1)


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Lot #1 - General

BANKNOTES: A small collection of British banknotes with £5 notes - 1 x 1960's & 3 x 1990s. 10/- notes x 5 1960's, £1 notes x 1 1940's, 1 x 1960's & 53 1970-80's (of these 50 are consecutive numbers and appear uncirculated. Face value £77½. (Start Price = £17.60)

Lot #2 - General 1940-6

WORLDWIDE WWII-related issues.Small 1940 Forces set, then other useful sets from Brazil, Bulgaria, Burma inc.1945 set to 10R u.m., Czechoslovakia, etc. Generally clean m.m.or u.m.(80) [US1] (Start Price = £24.80)

Lot #3 - General - Airmails 1920's-2000's

FINE USED AVIATION-THEMED COLLECTION, on stockcards. Comprising Aircraft, Helicopters, Ballons, many AIRMAIL sets and values, from around the world.Most countries represented, with better ranges of Cambodia, Canada, Canal Zone, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Grenada, Guinea, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Italy & Colonies, Jugoslavia, Libya, Mexico, Monaco, Montserrat, Panama, Papua, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Portugal &...

Lot #4 - General - Airmails 1920's-2000's

EXTENSIVE COLLECTION OF AVIATION THEME, consisting of Aircraft, Helocopters, Balloons, etc on stockcards of worldwide appeal, many of them being AIRMAILS. Host of sets and values with most countries represented. Better Cambodia, Canada, Czechoslovakia, French Colonies, Gambia, Germany, Grenada, Guyana, Hungary (inc.1933 Airmails to 1 P), Italy & Colonies, Israel, Jordan, Maldives, Marshall IS., Mexico, Mongolia, Spanish Colonies, Nauru,...

Lot #5 - General - Australasia 1870-1978

Eclectic collection on leaves(64 items) including 1915 CHRISTMAS ISLAND Local 'COCOANUT PLANTATION LTD' 5c used on piece by earliest known cancellation(11 Jan 1918), FIJI TIMES 1d SG 5 unused showing dropped 'S', cat £1,100 as normal, 1893 FIJI CAKE FAIR envelope unused, NEW CALEDONIA 1880 Caporn Local Post 20c mint pair, 1931 FRENCH OCEANIA 2c pair on cover to England tied S.S. TAIF cancels, a most unusual lot, superbly presented (Start...

Lot #6 - General - Australasia 1924-1982

Mint and used accumulation of AUSTRALASIAN and PACIFIC ISLANDS in a large stock book(probably 4,000-5,000 stamps) including CHRISTMAS IS, COCOS IS, NORFOLK IS looks to have at least three of each set 1947-71 mint(only two of 1961 10s), TOKELAU IS, NAURU inc 1924-48 Ship values to 2/6d(2) mint, 1954 sets(8) mint, finally a collection of Captain Cook thematics, mainly fine with much unmounted. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR...

Lot #7 - General - British Colonies 1901-1935

BRITISH MIDDLE EAST & ASIA. THREE KINGS Collection of Fine Used on leaves, with good-looking ranges of Bahrain,Brit.Levant,Burma,Ceylon,Brit.Egypt,Hong Kong,India & States,Iraq,Kuwait,Mauritius,Morocco Agencies,Palestine,Seychelles,Transjordan, etc.Unchecked in detail, but much useful material noted.(few 100's) (Start Price = £60.00)

Lot #8 - General - British Colonies 1901-1935

PACIFIC ISLANDS-THREE KINGS Collection of FINE USED on leaves, with ranges of Cook Is.,Fiji,Gilberts,Nauru,New Guines,Papua,New Hebrides,Niue,Samoa,Solomons, Tonga, etc.Useful lot.(48) (Start Price = £20.00)

Lot #9 - General - British Colonies 1901-1935

ATLANTIC ISLANDS-THREE KINGS Collection of Fine Used on leaves, with ranges of Ascension,Falkland Is.,St.Helena. Unchecked in detail.(22) (Start Price = £9.60)

Lot #10 - General - British Colonies 1901-1935

AUSTRALASIA-THREE KINGS Collection of Fine Used on leaves, with virtually unchecked ranges of Australia (nice Heads and 'Roos, Better, Vioctoria, Anzac, Sth.Australia, Officials, etc), New South Wales, New Zealand, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, etc.Look a useful lot, and generally clean (couple 100's) (Start Price = £40.00)

Lot #11 - General - British Colonies 1901-1935

BRITISH AFRICA-THREE KINGS Collection of Fine Used on leaves. Unchecked ranges of Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Cape of Good Hope, Gambia, Gold Coast, K.U.T., Lagos, Nigerias, Natal, Rhodesias, Sierra Leone, South Africa, S.W.A., Tanganyika, Togo, Nyasaland, Transvaal, Zanzibar, etc. Looks a useful lot, needing a more careful examination.(Few 100's) (Start Price = £72.00)

Lot #12 - General - British Colonies 1901-1935

BRITISH EUROPE-THREE KINGS Collection of FINE USED, on leaves. Useful ranges of Cyrpus (to 18 Pi, Gibraltar (to 2/-), Ireland, Malta (to 1/- x 2), etc.Unchecked in detail but looks useful.All fine used.(170) (Start Price = £32.00)

Lot #13 - General - British Colonies 1937

KGVI Coronation sets on 46, mainly registered, covers from many Colonies, a few duplicates, many are first day, odd beter postmark, includes Hong Kong, Falklands etc., one faulty(Gold Coast), otherwise a fine lot (46) [US2] (Start Price = £89.60)

Lot #14 - General - British Commonwealth

A small balance from a major dealer's stock of mainlyCommonwealth countries, with Togo (Anglo French Occ) x 10m & 1 u KGV vals to 2d, Jamaica x 10 QV Officials to 2d(4) used; Transkei x 74 m or u vals to 1990, Venda x 2 cto packs of the first issue, Bophuthatswana x 21 u.m. vals to 1988, Zululand QV m(11) & used(9) vals to 3d(2), Cameroon with 1d CEF opt on 10pf mint, 196o UKTT opts to 1/- m; Batum x 82 m/unused & 1 used value;...

Lot #15 - General - British Commonwealth

BRITISH ARABIA a highly useful mint and used light to moderately duplicated collection in a large stockbook, with BAHRAIN incl. 1933-37 5r inverted wmk mint (small rust spot), 5r upright good used, 1938-41 3p to 3a mint, 1942-45 set mint, 1948 Wedding u/m, 1950-55 10r mint, 1955-60 Castles to 10r (3), 1960 set u/m and another mint, 1964 sets u/m (2) and mint, others to 1970's incl. Definitives; BRITISH P.A.'s 1948 set mint, 1950-55 to 2r...

Lot #16 - General - British Commonwealth

A 64pp stockbook with the mainly 20th century mint collection much KGVI material plus a few QEII, useful throughout & with some duplication, notable Falklands & Deps, Malta, Malaya etc. Good quality & some better items. (very many 100's). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS [US3] (Start Price = £170.40)

Lot #17 - General - British Commonwealth

B.W.I. METER MAIL an interesting collection of 1940's-2000's covers and cards displaying various types and rates from Antigua, Bahamas (7), Barbados (12), Bermuda (6), Br. Guiana/Guyana (9), Belize (5), Cayman Is (9), Jamaica (19), Montserrat, Trinidad (6) and Virgin Is. (75 covers/cards and few pieces) [US7] (Start Price = £56.00)

Lot #18 - General - British Commonwealth

BRITISH EUROPE small range of QV - KGVI issues, incl. British Levant SG 3a fine used, 32 mint, L24 mint, Cyprus SG 44 plate number mint, 163 fine used, Gibraltar SG 61 fine used, 99 &99a shades mint (10), 105 mint (2), 106 used, Malta SG 43 mint, 231 unmounted mint etc, lovely quality and stated to catalogue £600+. (46 stamps) [US3] (Start Price = £92.00)

Lot #19 - General - British Commonwealth

KGVI fine mint collection in an S.G. Philatelic album (smaller format), Aden through to Zanzibar, note Aden Hadhramaut 1942-46 set, Bahamas 1938 to 5s, Br. Guiana 1938 to $3, Br. Somaliland 1938 set, Solomon Is 1939 to 10s, Cyprus 1938 to £1, Falkland Dependencies 1944 opts complete, Map pairs with broken arcs, Grenada to 10s (2 diff), India 1940 set, Leewards to 5s, Nigeria 2s.6d and 5s perf 13 x 11½, Nyasaland 1945 set, St Helena 1938 incl...

Lot #20 - General - British Commonwealth

BRITISH AFRICA range of QV - KGV and a few odd KGVI issues, Ascension through to Zululand, incl. Br. East Africa SG 58 mint, 71 fine used, Br. Occ of Italian Cols S9 block of four fine used, E11/12 fine used, Cameroon 5, 6, 8 mint, Gambia 24 mint pair, 101 mint, 135/137 mint, Gold Coast 45 mint, 82 (2) 82a (2) mint, 111 (2) mint, KUT 54 mint (2) and used, 121 mint, Mauritius 270/71 fine used, Morocco Agencies 51 used, 74 mint, 177 fine used,...

Lot #21 - General - British Commonwealth

BRITISH WEST INDIES range of QV - KGV and a few odd KGVI issues, Antigua through to Virgin Islands, incl. Antigua 77 fine used with Barbuda cds, Barbados 265/66 fine used, Bermuda 51b and 52 mint, Cayman Is 12 mint, 31 fine used, 32 (2) mint, 45 fine used, 49 fine used, 105 mint and fine used, 129/130 u/m, Dominica 85 (2), 87 (2) mint, 92/95 mint, Grenada 55, 98b (3), 100, 100a, 131 (3), 132 (4),133 (2) mint, 1938 basic set to 10s mint, 166/...

Lot #22 - General - British Commonwealth

COMMONWEALTH OMNIBUS ISSUES a stockbook of mint or unmounted mint sets, with 1937 Coronation (60 different sets incl. Newfoundland long set), 1946 Victory (61 different sets), 1953 Coronation (88 different sets), 1973 Wedding (31 different sets), and 1978 Anniversary of Coronation strips. (approx 820 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS [US6] (Start Price = £115.20)

Lot #23 - General - British Commonwealth 1890's-2000's

Huge stockbook, with a bewildering variety of British Commonwealth ranges. Packed with surprising sets and values, with much of value.Of particular note note are ranges of Rhodesia & Nyasaland, Zanzibar, North Borneo, Northern Rhodesia, Gold Coast, Nyasaland, British Solomon IS., Pacific Islands, and some GB, B.W.I., and many other colonies. m.m. or u.m. or f.u.Unchecked in detail, but some potential 'finds' to be made.(some 100's)....

Lot #24 - General - British Commonwealth 1901-1935

BRITISH WEST INDIES-THREE KINGS collection of FINE USED on leaves. Useful-looking ranges of Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Brit,Guiana, Brit,Honduras, Brit.Virgin Is., Cayman, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Leeward, Montserrat, 'Saints', Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, etc. Ondition generally fine used throughout. Unchecked in detail, but values to 1/- and 2/- noted.(couple 100's) (Start Price = £64.00)

Lot #25 - General - British Commonwealth 1925-58

A very clean mint collection of mainly short sets in an Exchange l/l/ album. Nice KGVI period with New Zealand, Canada, Falklands, India, etc. Good Sudan (cat £100+), Burma, Egypt, plus smaller Colonies with many QEII sets to 1/-, 50c, etc. A healthy cat value for a very good lot with little or no duplication. (few 100's). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS Cat £870 [US2] (Start Price = £151.20)

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