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Jul 11, 2017 Europe/London

Universal Philatelic Auctions Sale #66

Tuesday Jul 11, 2017 17:00 Europe/London

It’s easy to test UPA: New Bidders Receive 1st US$69 WINNINGS FREE (£55 GBP FREE)**: Continuing 17 years tradition of their Unique Reducing Estimate Auctions PLUS No Buyer’s Premium Universal Philatelic Auctions (UPA) presents one of their most valuable ever 19,833 lot 65th mail-bid sale closing Tuesday 11th July 2017. In keeping with previous auctions ALL lots estimated at £1,000+ (US$1,250+) will be offered LIVE online at 5pm (UK time) Wednesday 12th July 2017. Live bidders for GBP£1,000+ (US$1,255+) estimate lots now benefit by no charge for bidding live online. The sale offers 19,833 lots to the value of $2,411,709 USD (£1,922,377 GBP) comprising worldwide Collections, Sets, Singles, Covers, Proofs, High Values, Rarities, Topicals, FEO etc ... from the broadest range of regions including high quality classic Great Britain, British Empire, British Africa, British North America, India, Europe, British Asia, Asia with China, US and much more. Highlights once again include remarkable particularly strong in GB with High Values, British Empire (with amazing British Africa, KGV, KGVI, Australia, Malaya, India and Hong Kong) plus exceptional Europe and overseas, with very good USA and many other countries too numerous to mention... There are No Buyer’s Premiums plus all lots covered by their 28 day Total Guarantee. UPA prides itself on offering unique material that Collectors may not be able to source elsewhere and all with their unique reducing estimate system. With No Buyer’s Premium 2,000+ regular bidders stay with UPA saving up to 27% OFF – which is why UPA can offer new winning bidders a free trial of 1st US$69 OFF (£55 GBP OFF). Please start now.


(** Offer restricted to bidders in UK, West Europe, USA, Australia, Canada & New Zealand)

(** one offer per household)


Bidding stops at 5pm (UK time) Tuesday 11th July 2017

Please note - the UK is currently on BST (British Summer Time) = GMT+1


Please Note : Bids below 80% of the estimate will be respectfully declined. Bidders wishing to purchase such lots for less may have the opportunity to do so in subsequent auction(s).


LIVE auction of 187 of the most valuable lots from estimate £1,000 GBP upwards – Wednesday 12th July 2017, 5pm (UK time) via Bidders wishing to participate in the LIVE auction must register with by 2pm (UK time) Wednesday 12th July 2017.

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Lot #1 - General

Colls on leaves of Portugal and Spain (plus a few San Marino) to 1948, some useful earlies and middle period, many copies for shades and postmarks, mixed condition but some nice stamps noted. [US2] (Start Price = £88.00)

Price: £ 110.00

Lot #2 - General - Autograph Covers 2002

LORD PATRICK LITCHFIELD Guaranteed genuine signature on GB illustrated 'Golden Jubilee' cover, with special cancels. Superb [US4] (Start Price = £20.80)

Price: £ 26.00

Lot #3 - General - Autograph Covers 2003

TOM PHILLIPS CBE (Artist), Guaranteed genuine signature on Benham illustrated cover, incorporating a 50th Anniv. of Coronation £5 coin. Special cancels. Superb. [US4] (Start Price = £16.00)

Price: £ 20.00

Lot #4 - General - Autograph Covers 2003

BEN COHEN Guaranteed genuine signature of the Northampton Saints winger who was part of the 2003 World Cup winning squad. On a GB 'Rugby' illustrated World Cup cover. Superbly clean. [US4] (Start Price = £30.40)

Price: £ 38.00

Lot #5 - General - Autograph Covers 2003

RICHARD TODD-DAMBUSTERS. Guaranteed genuine signature on Guernsey Dambusters illustrated 60th Anniv. cover with special 'Lancaster' bomber cancel. Numbered 45 of 50 limited edition. Superb & rare. [US4] (Start Price = £58.40)

Price: £ 73.00

Lot #6 - General - Balkans

Large packet with extensive early to modern Greece, Romania and Yugoslavia, mint and used on leaves and stockcards. Better noted and cat.listings from previous owner indicate cat value in excess of £2500. Many 100's. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS (Start Price = £120.00)

Price: £ 150.00

Lot #7 - General - British Colonies 1850s-1890s

Old time mint and used collection on leaves(100s) including Ceylon with a range of Wyon Heads, India inc 1854 4a red and blue used cut square, Indian States inc Kashmir, New Zealand with Chalon Heads inc imperfs, Australian States inc Western Australia Swan 1d black imperf, Hong Kong, Straits Settlements inc 1867 1½c on ½a blue fine used, Nyasaland inc 1895 5s black and olive used, Mauritius, Trinidad. Mixed condition but with many fine...

Price: £ 605.00

Lot #8 - General - British Colonies 1850s-1970s

Mint and used collection in loose leaf album(100s) including Ceylon with a ange of Wyon Heads, later mainly used inc some better values, Cyprus mainly used with some better values, 1934 Pictorial set, 1935 Silver Jubilee set, 1938-51 set to £1, 1955-60 set to £1, Gibraltar mainly used with a range of early issues, 1925-32 10s, 1953 £1, 1960 £1, Gold Coast inc 1938-43 set mint, 1948 Defin set mint, RSW set mint, British Guiana inc 1931...

Price: £ 685.00

Lot #9 - General - British Colonies 1850s-1970s

Mint and used collection in loose leaf album(100s) including Orange Free State, Rhodesia inc 1909 £1 fine used, Double Head values to 1s,2s(faults) used, Admirals to 2/6d used, Western Australia, Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia with GV values to 2/6d(2) used, 1935 Silver Jubilee set used, South Africa, Transvaal, Straits Settlements inc 1867 ovpts 1½c,8c used, 1898 $5 orange and red fine used with Penang c.d.s., St. Vincent, Sierra...

Price: £ 470.00

Lot #10 - General - British Colonies 1937-48

Mainly mint collection on leaves(290) including Canada, Ceylon 1938 set ex 2R black and red, K.U.T. values to 10s,£1, 1941-42 ovpts on South Africa set, Leeward Is values to 5s,10s,£1, Malta set to 10s, Mauritius set to 10R, New Zealand inc used Health sets, Nigeria set to 5s, St. Helena set to 10s ex 3d blue, South Africa values to 2/6d,10s in horiz pairs, Southern Rhodesia set to 5s, South West Africa 1941-43 War Effort set, 1943-44 War...

Price: £ 308.00

Lot #11 - General - British Colonies 1948

Royal Silver Wedding pairs for Aden(Shihr & Mukalla), Basutoland & Fiji, all unmounted ex Fiji 2½d. Very fine.(6) Cat £82 (Start Price = £44.00)

Price: £ 55.00

Lot #12 - General - British Commonwealth

An old Acme l/l album with the small Commonwealth KGVI to early QEII Collections of Gambia, mint (cat £400), Sierra Leone, m & u (cat £40), Gold Coast m & u(cat £80) & Nigeria m & u(cat £55). Useful little album. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS Cat £575 (Start Price = £88.00)

Price: £ 110.00

Lot #13 - General - British Commonwealth

COMMONWEALTH OMNIBUS ISSUES a stockbook of mint or unmounted mint sets, with 1937 Coronation (60 different sets incl. Newfoundland long set), 1946 Victory (61 different sets), 1953 Coronation (88 different sets), 1973 Wedding (31 different sets), and 1978 Anniversary of Coronation strips. (approx 820 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS [US2] (Start Price = £137.60)

Price: £ 172.00

Lot #14 - General - British Commonwealth

Large stockbook containing duplicated accumulation from early issues to 1970s(1000s) including ANTIGUA with strength in QE issues unmounted mint, BARBUDA ditto, Ascension inc GVI set to 10s mint plus some duplicates, QE with duplicated commem sets u.m., mostly fresh and fine. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS [US2] (Start Price = £188.00)

Price: £ 235.00

Lot #15 - General - British Commonwealth

B.W.I. METER MAIL an interesting collection of 1940's-2000's covers and cards displaying various types and rates from Antigua, Bahamas (7), Barbados (12), Bermuda (6), Br. Guiana/Guyana (9), Belize (5), Cayman Is (9), Jamaica (19), Montserrat, Trinidad (6) and Virgin Is. (75 covers/cards and few pieces) [US3] (Start Price = £109.60)

Price: £ 137.00

Lot #16 - General - British Commonwealth 1937-52

KGVI Stanley Gibbons King George vi album in excellent condition. Partly remaindered with light pencil marks but with much useful remaining._x000D_
Mainly fine used sets and high values including Malaya and Indian States. _x000D_
Cat Value £7500+ . Many 100's. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS Cat £7500 (Start Price = £1,400.00)

Price: £ 1,750.00

Lot #17 - General - British Commonwealth 1937-96

Mint and used collection in a large stockbook(approx 750 stamps) with main value in George VI issues including Ascension 2/6d,5s,10s mint, Bahamas 1948 Eleuthera set to 5s mint, Gilbert and Ellice 1939 set mint, Hong Kong 1941 Centenary set mint and another set on 1948 Registered envelope to England, also many mint short sets or part sets. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS (Start Price = £132.00)

Price: £ 165.00

Lot #18 - General - British Commonwealth 1938-52

KING GEORGE VI: A valuable mint range on three stock pages including Caymans vals to 1/-, Gambia to 10/-, Fiji to 2/-, Falklands to 1/-(2), Falkland Deps to 1/-(6), Gibraltar to 10/-, Grenada to 10/-, Hong Kong to 50c, etc. Mainly part sets with some duplication but a really high catalogued lot offered at an interesting estimate. Quality mainly very fine. (263) Cat £1310 [US1] (Start Price = £213.60)

Price: £ 267.00

Lot #19 - General - British Commonwealth 1952-80

A carton with the early QEII collection in 5 Albums: 3 New World printed albums, containing a general mint & used range, amongst which we note useful mint sets from Gold Coast 1952, India 1952 Saints & Poets, Kuwait, Malaya Johore 1960, ,Malta, Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago 1953, Tristan da Cunha 1961(cat £80); then two loose- leaf Senator albums with 1966-c1980 issues including useful mint sets such as Australian Antarctic Territory...

Price: £ 440.00

Lot #20 - General - British Empire 1840-1936

Two New Imperial albums containing a mint collection(3,386 stamps) commencing with Great Britain from late Queen Victoria inc 1887-1900 Jubilee values to 10d,1s green and red, Bahamas, Bechuanaland inc 1891-94 ovpts on G.B. set, Bermuda with some better QV, Ceylon inc 1935 Pictorial set, Egypt inc 1933 Aviation set, Gambia, Gibraltar, Gold Coast, India, some States, Iraq, Jamaica, Labuan inc 1894-96 set, 1897-1901 set to 12c, corrected...

Price: £ 990.00

Lot #21 - General - British Empire 1937-52

George VI mint collection in a large stockbook(598) including Ascension set to 5s(2) with many extra perfs, Australia Robes set to £1, Barbados 1938-47 set to 5s, 1950 set to $2.40, British Guina set to $3, British Honduras set to $5, Ceylon, Grenada set to 10s with some perf varieties, New Zealand, some have gum toning/foxing, many are fine unmounted. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS (Start Price = £440.00)

Price: £ 550.00

Lot #22 - General - British Empire 1937-52

George VI mint collection in a large stockbook(302) including Sudan 1951 SG set unmounted, most 1946 Victory sets, mainly fine. HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS (Start Price = £88.00)

Price: £ 110.00

Lot #23 - General - British Empire - 1935 Silver Jubilee 1935

KGV Silver Jubilee sets for Cayman, Dominica and St. Lucia m.m. (12) Cat £59 (Start Price = £20.00)

Price: £ 25.00

Lot #24 - General - Europe 1840-1924

Europe collection in Ka Be printed album 'Europa 1' for issues to 1924(many 100s), with some later issues on blank pages. The collection includes good Bavaria mint and used, Germany, Germany Colonies with some better items, France, Great Britain inc a fine 4 margin 1d black, later QV with some better items, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, Wurttemburg. Some of the mint stamps are stuck, otherwise mainly fine. An original old time lot, un-...

Price: £ 470.00

Lot #25 - General - Europe 1851-1960

Thirteen loose leaf albums with the Europe wide collection from Albania to Yugoslavia. Useful sections noted of Germany & States, Eastern Bloc countries, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, etc. A really nice lot to develop with mint & used. Odd better values noted, some earlies in poor condition (as usual?) but majority fine to very fine. Hours of fun with this lot (few 1000s). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR...

Price: £ 220.00

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