Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

David Feldman S.A.

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Dec 05, 2017 Europe/Zurich

David Feldman S.A. Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

Tuesday Dec 05, 2017 10:00 to Saturday Dec 09, 2017 18:30 Europe/Zurich
Last date for bids: 
Tuesday Dec 05, 2017 08:00 Europe/Zurich

David Feldman Auctioneers is proud to announce that the offering of our Jubilee Auction, which will be held from December 5th to 9th in Geneva, will be spectacular in its depth and variety. With specialised collections of Finland, French Levant, Indian States, Mafia Island, Mauritius, and Tibet, joining our customary selections of France & Colonies, Great Britain & Empire, All World and Collections and our prized Rarities of the World auction – further testimony that David Feldman remains the world’s most international stamp auction company.

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Conditions of Sale 

You will find below the detailed agenda of the auction week:

Tuesday 5th December

10:00 CET: Finland Grand Prix Collection (Lots 10000-10245)

14:00 CET: Tibet (Lots 20000-20607)


Wednesday 6th December 

10:00 CET: French Levant Grand Prix Collection (Lots 30000-30189)

12:00 CET: France & Colonies (Lots 40000-40542)

17:00 CET: Europe – From A to G (Lots 41000-41419)


Thursday 7th December

10:00 CET: Europe – From H to Z (Lots 41420-42118)

16:30 CET: Rarities of the World (Lots 70000-70117)

18:00 CET: Mauritius (Lots 80000-80278)


Friday 8th December

 9:00 CET: Mafia Island (Lots 81000-81302)

12:00 CET: Indian States (Lots 82000-82325)

14:00 CET: Great Britain and British Empire (Lots 60000-60789)


Saturday 9th December

10:00 CET: Overseas (Lots 50000-50712)

16:00 CET: All world collections (Lots 50713-50912)


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Lot 42084 - Turkey  -  David Feldman S.A. special Jubilee Auction #203 - EUR

Lot #42084 - Turkey

1846 Folded letter from Alexandrette (dated inside 16.12.46) to the Vice-Consul of Sardinia in Aleppo bearing on arrival on front oval negative postmark of Aleppo, fine

Lot 42085 - Turkey  -  David Feldman S.A. special Jubilee Auction #203 - EUR

Lot #42085 - Turkey

1865 Liannos Local Issue 5pa blue tied by GALATA 2 JA 67 oval ds on local folded cover, very fine

Lot 42086 - Turkey  -  David Feldman S.A. special Jubilee Auction #203 - EUR

Lot #42086 - Turkey

1867 Duloz Issue: Four colour & two colour frankings neatly tied on covers, attractive & scarce

Lot 42087 - Turkey  -  David Feldman S.A. special Jubilee Auction #203 - EUR

Lot #42087 - Turkey

1881 Registered envelope from Constantinople to Galatz, Romania, franked 1876-82 Duloz 2pi in combination with Empire 1pi, cover faults, unusual & scarce combination

Lot 42088 - Turkey  -  David Feldman S.A. special Jubilee Auction #203 - EUR

Lot #42088 - Turkey

1891 IMPRIME handstamp overprint issue 20pa rose, perforation 13 1/4 in a complete sheet of 100, mostly never hinged (some hinged due to reinforcement of perforation), one adhesive with small tear, the only recorded sheet and one of the highlights of the Imprime issues, high cat.-value, (ISFILA no.143), detailed certificate Yakub Nakri

Provenance: B.Beraha and A.Garmiryan

Lot 42089 - Turkey  -  David Feldman S.A. Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

Lot #42089 - Turkey

1902 EKINLIK: Envelope from Ekinlik to Seattle, Wash. USA. Ekinlik is a small island in the Sea of Marmora. One piaster postage tied by superb strike of the violet negative seal "Ekinlik Posta Shubesi 1302", showpiece

Lot #42090 - Turkey

1907 LIBAN : Ppc franked 10pa green (2) bearing BLUE postmark 'BAALBEK' to Austria

Lot 42091 - Turkey  -  David Feldman S.A. special Jubilee Auction #203 - EUR

Lot #42091 - Turkey

1913 12pi booklets: Two different booklets showing twelve piaster, one with four panes of six with 20pa red with red booklet cover, the other with eight panes of six with 10pa green with blue-green booklet cover, very fine & scarce

Lot 42092 - Turkey  -  David Feldman S.A. special Jubilee Auction #203 - EUR

Lot #42092 - Turkey

1915 25Pi on 200Pi green/black tied to registered cover to Germany by STAMBOUL 11.7.16 cds, at back transit & arrival marking, scarce single franking

Lot #42093 - Turkey collections

1862-1980, Mint & used collection in three albums from Tughra and Duloz issues to modern (Est. ? 300/500)

Lot #42094 - Turkey collections

1863-1949, Duplication in 2 heavily filled A4 home-made dealer approval books, noted much classic issues, partly specialized, noted also EASTERN ROUMELIA (1 1/2 pages) and CILICIA, also much BOB issues (postage dues, additional tax stamps, locals, fiscals, etc.), from an Eastern dealer's stock (Est. ? 400/600)

Lot #42095 - Turkey collections

1875-1975, One volume collection of 100s of stamps predominantly one of a kind, with strong early 20th century material, particularly Anatolia with several dozen inc. first issues of the nationalist govt. 3pi on 6pa dark blue red and black ovpts mnh, the latter signed twice, the 3pi on 2pa violet red and black ovpts mnh, signed, 1336/1920 handstamps on court costs 50pi and 100pi mnh, lots of 1337/1921 dates with scarce 50pi ochre court costs...

Lot #42096 - Turkey collections

1879-1911, Old-time collection of hundreds of mint and used stamps written-up on album pages, incl. unlisted ?T? handstamps, early newspaper ?Imprime? scroll ovpts of 1879 incl. issued 10pa black and rose lilac mint along with several private issues not listed, extensive boxed Imprime handstamps, several dozen incl. all permutations of black, blue and red ovpts, 10pa green black ovpt block of 9 used, ? cat. would be well into 5 figures if all...

Lot #42097 - Turkey collections

1890-1976, Accumulation of about 80 covers, postal stationery (used & unused) and cards, mixed (Est. ? 180/260)

Lot #42098 - Turkey collections

1892-1913, Vintage mint and used collection written-up on album pages with hundreds of mint and used stamps, noted 1892-98 1pi pale blue mint, 1897 ?Cniq? error mint nh and hinged in strip of three se-tenant with normal, 1901 foreign postage series to 50pi yellow unused, 1908 tughras with mint 5pi, 10pi (two perf types) and 50pi, 1909s again with perf studies incl. mint 2 1/2pi and 25pi and mint and used 50pi, as well as the 1909 discount...

Lot #42099 - Turkey collections

1896-1938, Collection of around 150 mostly mint stamps housed in a Lindner hingeless album, incl. 1912 Greek Administration ovpts mint to 3d carmine rose, Cross and Eagle issues to 3dr dull blue mint, postage dues red and black ovpts to 1dr, etc. Then Hatay complete mint with useful never hinged, Italian Offices in Turkish Empire incl. scarce 1921 1pi on 5c green mint nh, crackled gum as usual, signed, as well as 1922 15pi on 1L, 45pi on 5L...

Lot #42100 - Turkey collections

1910-2000 Attractively mounted and written up collection in four green Stanley Gibbons spring-back albums, showing strength in mint and used, with many complete set, plus a fine array of Obligatory Tax stamps including some useful usages on covers, much registered and censored mail, mixed to very fine, a wonderful basis for study and potential for expansion (100's & 50 covers) (Est. ?1'000/2'000)

Lot #42101 - Turkey collections

1955-1990, Comprehensive collection housed in two Lighthouse/Kabe hingeless albums, much parallel mint never hinged and used, including souvenir sheets, occasional covers/FDCs, etc. (Est. ? 100/150)

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