Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

David Feldman S.A.

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Dec 05, 2017 Europe/Zurich

David Feldman S.A. Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

Tuesday Dec 05, 2017 10:00 to Saturday Dec 09, 2017 18:30 Europe/Zurich
Last date for bids: 
Tuesday Dec 05, 2017 08:00 Europe/Zurich

David Feldman Auctioneers is proud to announce that the offering of our Jubilee Auction, which will be held from December 5th to 9th in Geneva, will be spectacular in its depth and variety. With specialised collections of Finland, French Levant, Indian States, Mafia Island, Mauritius, and Tibet, joining our customary selections of France & Colonies, Great Britain & Empire, All World and Collections and our prized Rarities of the World auction – further testimony that David Feldman remains the world’s most international stamp auction company.

If you have any questions or would like to order a catalogue, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Conditions of Sale 

You will find below the detailed agenda of the auction week:

Tuesday 5th December

10:00 CET: Finland Grand Prix Collection (Lots 10000-10245)

14:00 CET: Tibet (Lots 20000-20607)


Wednesday 6th December 

10:00 CET: French Levant Grand Prix Collection (Lots 30000-30189)

12:00 CET: France & Colonies (Lots 40000-40542)

17:00 CET: Europe – From A to G (Lots 41000-41419)


Thursday 7th December

10:00 CET: Europe – From H to Z (Lots 41420-42118)

16:30 CET: Rarities of the World (Lots 70000-70117)

18:00 CET: Mauritius (Lots 80000-80278)


Friday 8th December

 9:00 CET: Mafia Island (Lots 81000-81302)

12:00 CET: Indian States (Lots 82000-82325)

14:00 CET: Great Britain and British Empire (Lots 60000-60789)


Saturday 9th December

10:00 CET: Overseas (Lots 50000-50712)

16:00 CET: All world collections (Lots 50713-50912)


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Lot 41793 - russia zemstvo  -  David Feldman S.A. special Jubilee Auction #203 - EUR

Lot #41793 - russia zemstvo

Atkarskoi: 1881-1883 TRI KOP. blue / red in block of 21 MNH (2 adhesives with hinge), showing the different types & plate errors, 2 adhesives with stronger crease otherwise very fine and scarce multiple, ex Fabergé

Lot 41794 - russia zemstvo  -  David Feldman S.A. special Jubilee Auction #203 - EUR

Lot #41794 - russia zemstvo

Nizhni Novgorod: 1885 Envelope sent locally in Ardatov with 1878 5k red imperf. tied by blue Ardatov cds, minor soiling, very scarce, cert. BPA (2000)

Lot 41795 - russia zemstvo  -  David Feldman S.A. special Jubilee Auction #203 - EUR

Lot #41795 - russia zemstvo

Orgheev: 1880-82 3k imperf. proof in blue and yellow-brown, small ms cross, fine, endorsed on the reverse Fabergé and Ferrari

Lot 41796 - russia zemstvo  -  David Feldman S.A. Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

Lot #41796 - russia zemstvo

Syzransk (Simbirsk Gouv.) 5K on reddish paper, unused, very scarce, cert. Mandrovski

Lot #41797 - russia zemstvo collections

COLLECTIONS: A to Z collection in 5 albums displaying ca.2700 stamps neatly ordered by districts, patiently gathered through the decades by a passionate French collector who bought in the various major Stamp auction houses throughout the World, many better stamps noted, examine the scans will allow you to understand why you have to buy it ! Plus some documentation (Est. ? 15'000/30'000)

Lot #41798 - russia zemstvo collections

COLLECTIONS: Bessarabia to Vladimir, mint and used collection in a blue album and two approval booklets, over 300 stamps, chiefly different, well written up and arranged by Governments, fine to very fine, a powerful basis for expansion (Est. ? 3'000/6'000)

Lot 41799 - russia zemstvo collections -  David Feldman S.A. Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

Lot #41799 - russia zemstvo collections

COLLECTIONS: Group of 7 covers including 2 multi franking registered covers from Pskov (1902/03), Osa 1910 combination cover, Kotelnich 1911 cover franked 2k and 1897 cover with 4k (Ch10), Pskov, 1908 registered cover franked 3k (4) (Ch44), Cherepovets 1903 3k on incoming cover, mostly fine

Lot #41800 - russia zemstvo collections

COLLECTIONS: 1870-1910ca. Powerful selection on 4 A4 stock-pages & 4 album pages, hinged, unused, never hinged and few used, noted many medium better values, needs careful inspection

Lot #41801 - russia zemstvo collections

COLLECTIONS: 1880-1910ca. Selection of Zemstvo unused postal stationery incl. 2 wrappers, noted Ustsissolsk, Volchansk, Kazan, Bogorodsk, all unused, mostly very fine

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