Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

David Feldman S.A.

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Dec 05, 2017 Europe/Zurich

David Feldman S.A. Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

Tuesday Dec 05, 2017 10:00 to Saturday Dec 09, 2017 18:30 Europe/Zurich
Last date for bids: 
Tuesday Dec 05, 2017 08:00 Europe/Zurich

David Feldman Auctioneers is proud to announce that the offering of our Jubilee Auction, which will be held from December 5th to 9th in Geneva, will be spectacular in its depth and variety. With specialised collections of Finland, French Levant, Indian States, Mafia Island, Mauritius, and Tibet, joining our customary selections of France & Colonies, Great Britain & Empire, All World and Collections and our prized Rarities of the World auction – further testimony that David Feldman remains the world’s most international stamp auction company.

If you have any questions or would like to order a catalogue, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Conditions of Sale 

You will find below the detailed agenda of the auction week:

Tuesday 5th December

10:00 CET: Finland Grand Prix Collection (Lots 10000-10245)

14:00 CET: Tibet (Lots 20000-20607)


Wednesday 6th December 

10:00 CET: French Levant Grand Prix Collection (Lots 30000-30189)

12:00 CET: France & Colonies (Lots 40000-40542)

17:00 CET: Europe – From A to G (Lots 41000-41419)


Thursday 7th December

10:00 CET: Europe – From H to Z (Lots 41420-42118)

16:30 CET: Rarities of the World (Lots 70000-70117)

18:00 CET: Mauritius (Lots 80000-80278)


Friday 8th December

 9:00 CET: Mafia Island (Lots 81000-81302)

12:00 CET: Indian States (Lots 82000-82325)

14:00 CET: Great Britain and British Empire (Lots 60000-60789)


Saturday 9th December

10:00 CET: Overseas (Lots 50000-50712)

16:00 CET: All world collections (Lots 50713-50912)


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Lot 50713 - collections and lots all world  -  David Feldman S.A. special Jubilee Auction #203 - EUR

Lot #50713 - collections and lots all world

1796-1922, Postal History lot of 74 items in one album, from pre-philately to early 20th century, including several items from the early Napoleonic period showing markings such as early HAVRE, TOURNAY, LISBON, now-Swiss MARTIGNY, red ANGLETERRE, franked cover section being mostly Italy incl. nice red VIA DI MARE on Italy 1863 20C, Sardinia, then fascinating Regno, see full scans on the web (Est. ? 1'000/1'500)

Lot #50714 - collections and lots all world

1800-1980, Ca.3'000 to 4'000 lots (mostly covers) priced for retail at ? 68'000, showing a wide array of countries & thematics, the stress being laid on France & colonies, ideal for the internet dealer (Est. ? 3'000/6'000)

Lot #50715 - collections and lots all world

1801-1984, CANADA REVENUES collection with hundreds of documents, album pages, etc, representing the work-in-progress material of a specialist collector, incl. tobacco, petroleum label, excise ?lock label?, lots of legal documents with law stamps attached, registration docs with Quebec beavers, Yukon 1903 revenues to $2 on writ of summons, Bill stamps incl. 1868 9c imprint block of ten and $2 imprint pair, etc, many beautiful eye-catching...

Lot #50716 - collections and lots all world

1805-1930, Cover lot of 12 items, including several early disinfected items, returned Paris-letter from Brussels with scarce blue 30 tax-marking, 1807 Aix-la-Chapelle cover, Belgian 1905 newspaper still in wrapper, also China, Denmark, British "Marconigram", etc., see web (Est. ? 260/500)

Lot #50717 - collections and lots all world

1816-1948, INDIA, HONG KONG, GB, IRELAND & SOUTH AFRICA: Small group comprising better items: 1863 cover GB 1s pl.1 corner example to USA, HK cover 1945 POSTAGE PAID marking, 1816 cover DUBLIN to Spain, INDIA Gandhi set 1948 used and 1925-26 Cobham flight card (with orig.sign.) pmk CAPE TOWN 23.2.26, very fine (Est. ? 100/200)

Lot 50718 - collections and lots all world  -  David Feldman S.A. Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

Lot #50718 - collections and lots all world

1834-1943, RUSSIA, SOVIET UNION, AUSTRIA, POLAND: Selection of over 60 picture postcards, covers & cards noted registered mail, some better pmks and frankings, mostly used, some blank , mostly very fine (Est ? 300/400)

Lot #50719 - collections and lots all world

1834-1960, ALL WORLD, mostly Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany, Italy, fieldpost WWI & WWII, noted diverse medium better, mixed (Est. ? 150/300)

Lot #50720 - collections and lots all world

1837-1952 NETHERLANDS & COLONIES, FRANCE, SWITZERLAND: Lot of about 140 covers, cards, postal stationery (used & unused), etc., interesting group, mostly fine to very fine (Est. ? 300/400)

Lot #50721 - collections and lots all world

1840-1930, Attractive all-world chiefly used collection in four beautiful Yvert Deluxe albums: Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia & Pacific, showing a wide range of countries and territories, noted GB from Penny Black onwards, France with early Ceres issues, German States and German Empire, Asia including useful Korea and China, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. (Est. ? 1'200/2'000)

Lot 50722 - collections and lots all world  -  David Feldman S.A. special Jubilee Auction #203 - EUR

Lot #50722 - collections and lots all world

1840-1936, Attractive life-long collection in 4 large Yvert albums incl. better values & sets, from important countries to small Ionian Islands, Local stamps, coin-stamp, etc., noted early Germany & Austria, useful Belgium, Denmark, Finland, better FRANCE incl. Yv. 1, 4, 9, 41B, 42B, 48, 49, 182, 257A, GREAT BRITAIN from 1d black, Ireland, Malta, Monaco scarce Due 10c brown, Norway #1, Switzerland, Congo, Madagascar, Morocco Tetuan Yv...

Lot #50723 - collections and lots all world

1840-1940, EUROPE: Old-time duplication in A4 stockbook, hinged (some MNH) and used, noted mostly medium to better values and sets, much classic material, a few forgeries to be expected and 1 stockbook with more modern or semi modern material, foremost Romania (with many medium to better sets and values), Spain and Bulgaria, another ringbinder approval book (A4) with mostly GB and Bavaria classics, etc. and finally A4 approval book with Dutch...

Lot #50724 - collections and lots all world

1840-1945, Extraordinary all-world assembly of covers and stamps from a "hoarder" estate showing a wide range of countries, replete with rare and unusual items, noted good early, early Belgium Epaulette proofs, French P.O. in Egypt, Australian States stamps and covers, Suez Canal, Brazil classics, Greek Hermes Heads, Italian occupations, and much more, please inspect carefully (Est. ? 3'000/4'000)

Lot #50725 - collections and lots all world

1840-1955, Mint & used assembly on cards with powerful Scandinavia incl. 1919 Thorhavn provisional on cover, Greenland, classic Denmark, Iceland, better Sweden, also South America, Asia, Russia, better FSAT, Saar 1947 min.sheet, better MONACO, French colonies, Greece from Large Hermes Head, Germany & States, Italian States, GB from 1d black, COGH Triangulars, Switzerland, etc., mixed, a fun lot to fill spaces (Est. ? 2'000/4'000)

Lot #50726 - collections and lots all world

1840-1980, Mint & used collection in six stockbooks comprising useful collection of GB from Penny Black onwards, Spain and some Spanish territories, Portugal with earlies, Italy including some States, important mint France duplication from 1900 onwards with useful face-value in the later years (Est. ? 500/800)

Lot #50727 - collections and lots all world

1840-1986, GREAT BRITAIN (incl. officials, Morocco, Levant, etc.), MALTA, GIBRALTAR, IRELAND: Duplication in 5 well filled medium size dealers approval books, noted 1 1/2 books with classic issues only, a lot from the Eastern dealer's stock (Est. ? 300/400)

Lot #50728 - collections and lots all world

1840-2000, Massive accumulation in 12 large boxes incl. collections & lots assembled during 50 years, noted better Austria collection, EUROPA CEPT 1957-2005, enormous min.sheets all-world collection, imperforates, sheets, etc., so big that we have no time to dig through! (Est. ? 3'600/6'000)

Lot #50729 - collections and lots all world

1841-1947, Collection of thousands of mint and used stamps contained in 10 old-time albums, including an excellent condition 1923 first edition of the Imperial album for British Commonwealth, with GB line-engraved and later QV to 5s, Hong Kong QV to 30c, etc, then a sectional Imperial album, well-filled Strand albums and 19th century Lincoln albums etc, incl. interesting Persia, Siam, Imperial China, dozens of martyr issues and a good range...

Lot 50730 - collections and lots all world  -  David Feldman S.A. Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

Lot #50730 - collections and lots all world

1843-1918, AMERICAS: Used collection from a Parisian Estate, patiently gathered stamp after stamp by a passionate collector who selected each stamp for its cancel and quality during half a Century. Over 3880 different stamps. Noted USA incl. 1867 issue, several 90c, Colombus $2, Transmississippi $1 & $2, USA related territories incl. Hawaii, Mexico, useful Dominica, better Guatemala, fantastic Colombia with Colombian States well developed...

Lot #50731 - collections and lots all world

1843-1949, All-world old-time mint & used collection in a large black & red album, noted useful France, Germany & States, early mint Italy, etc. (Est. ? 200/400)

Lot 50732 - collections and lots all world  -  David Feldman S.A. Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

Lot #50732 - collections and lots all world

1843-1990, Large extensive all world accumulation of over 10'000 mint and used stamps in over 60 stockbooks, mostly modern, yet dotted throughout some early classic issues incl. Brazil Bulls Eyes, showing strength in British Empire with especially Australia, Gibraltar, Cyprus and New Zealand, plus France and Germany, in cases a great deal of duplicated used stocks, an wonderful opportunity (Est. ? 4'000/6'000)

Lot 50733 - collections and lots all world  -  David Feldman S.A. Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

Lot #50733 - collections and lots all world

1843-1990, Large red stockbook full of many better sets and singles often with certificates, mostly Germany including German States, Deutsche Reich showing a fine array of "Zusammendrucke" both mint and used and many with certs., Berlin etc., plus additional Austria, France and some useful Great Britain Officials some with certs., an wonderful opportunity and an interesting lot to pick through (100s) (Est. ? 4'000/6'000)

Lot 50734 - collections and lots all world  -  David Feldman S.A. Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

Lot #50734 - collections and lots all world

1844-1960s, AMERICAS: Mint archive stock in 7 albums incl. Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil from 1844-46 issue, mixed condition with earlier material but better incl. Zeppelins with two each of the 1930 sets of 3, Chile, Colombia incl. 1935 Olympiad (2), Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, sometimes with two of each from 1930s onwards, with Specimens, officials, airmails,...

Lot #50735 - collections and lots all world

1847-1950, FRENCH COLONIES & MAURITIUS: Attractive, valuable and interesting collection/accumulation showing a fine array of French Colonies with Reunion duplication in mint sheets, plus the famous and popular reprints of Reunion No. 1 & 2 in sheetlets, scarce group of Reunion banknotes, some useful Obock, collection of early Cote Somali postcards, old-time stock of Sultanat D'Anjouan, Mayotte, Nossi-Be, Diego-Suarez, Grande Comore et...

Lot #50736 - collections and lots all world

1849-1910, Accumulation of mostly classic and semi classic adhesives on many stock cards, also 3 covers, noted mostly Netherlands, also Italy and States, Persia, France, Great Britain, Thailand, some forgeries or reprints, etc., mixed to very fine (Est. ? 100/200)

Lot #50737 - collections and lots all world

1849-1970, All-world collection in seven stockbooks or albums plus a few boxes and envelopes, strength in Europe including good section of Germany and France, noted 1849 15C and 1Fr Ceres, Empire 5Fr, PEXIP min. sheet, Germany with better min.sheets including 1923 charity min.sheet, also some covers and cards, mixed to fine (Est. ? 2'000/3'000)

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