Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

David Feldman S.A.

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Dec 05, 2017 Europe/Zurich

David Feldman S.A. Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

Tuesday Dec 05, 2017 10:00 to Saturday Dec 09, 2017 18:30 Europe/Zurich
Last date for bids: 
Tuesday Dec 05, 2017 08:00 Europe/Zurich

David Feldman Auctioneers is proud to announce that the offering of our Jubilee Auction, which will be held from December 5th to 9th in Geneva, will be spectacular in its depth and variety. With specialised collections of Finland, French Levant, Indian States, Mafia Island, Mauritius, and Tibet, joining our customary selections of France & Colonies, Great Britain & Empire, All World and Collections and our prized Rarities of the World auction – further testimony that David Feldman remains the world’s most international stamp auction company.

If you have any questions or would like to order a catalogue, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Conditions of Sale 

You will find below the detailed agenda of the auction week:

Tuesday 5th December

10:00 CET: Finland Grand Prix Collection (Lots 10000-10245)

14:00 CET: Tibet (Lots 20000-20607)


Wednesday 6th December 

10:00 CET: French Levant Grand Prix Collection (Lots 30000-30189)

12:00 CET: France & Colonies (Lots 40000-40542)

17:00 CET: Europe – From A to G (Lots 41000-41419)


Thursday 7th December

10:00 CET: Europe – From H to Z (Lots 41420-42118)

16:30 CET: Rarities of the World (Lots 70000-70117)

18:00 CET: Mauritius (Lots 80000-80278)


Friday 8th December

 9:00 CET: Mafia Island (Lots 81000-81302)

12:00 CET: Indian States (Lots 82000-82325)

14:00 CET: Great Britain and British Empire (Lots 60000-60789)


Saturday 9th December

10:00 CET: Overseas (Lots 50000-50712)

16:00 CET: All world collections (Lots 50713-50912)


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Lot #42109 - Yugoslavia collections

1866-1970, YUGOSLAVIA, SERBIA, CROATIA and MONTENEGRO: Duplication in 5 heavily filled self-made A4 and 2 medium size dealers approval books, noted much useful material & specialisation (colours, perfs, strips, pairs, blocks, cancellations, imperforates, proofs, offsets, overprint varieties like inverted or double overprints, plate errors, etc.), from an Eastern dealer's stock (Est. ? 400/600)

Lot 42110 - Yugoslavia collections -  David Feldman S.A. Special Jubilee Auction #203 - Euro (€)

Lot #42110 - Yugoslavia collections

1880-1920, MONTENEGRO / SERBIA / SHS: Large accumulation of mainly postal stationery, unused and used, noted Montenegro (16) & Serbia (2) with varieties: double prints, shifted prints, mis-perfs., etc., highly interesting specialist group (Est. ? 200/400)

Lot #42111 - Yugoslavia collections

An extraordinary holding of almost nothing but rarities, errors and proofs, several hundred housed in an old leather-bound stockbook. SHS ovpts incl. extensive double and inverted overprints, the ovpts on Charles and Zita 10f violet and 15f red with Zrinjscak cert., the same issues in mnh blocks of ten, then the rare 10f rose white numerals harvester type with signatures, as well as the 15f also signed. Also interesting crude provisional ?SHS...

Lot #42112 - Yugoslavia collections

1918-20, Large specialised lot of SHS issues for Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia with enormous amount of varieties of all kinds, many with new certs, also diverse covers, a fantastic lot for a specialised study and variety collector (Est. ? 800/1200)

Lot #42113 - Yugoslavia collections

1918-1948 YUGOSLAVIA, SERBIA, interesting large duplication of 1 old-time collection of Serbia on small leaves, diverse hinged and never hinged medium-better values and sets and a larger accumulation of mostly better or unusual covers (1918-20, 1942-48), postal stationery and cards (Est. ? 800/1'200)

Lot #42114 - Yugoslavia collections

1918-69, Collection in stockbook, noted many medium better values, sets, min. sheets, some varieties, early years with some used, also hinged, later mostly mint nh, high cat. (Est. ? 300/500)

Lot #42115 - Yugoslavia collections

1918-1991, Accumulation in 3 stockbooks, large stockcards and glassines, etc., noted many specials & varieties, imperforates, better sets and min sheets, etc., specialist lot (Est ? 260/360)

Lot #42116 - Yugoslavia collections

1921 VIGNETTES stamps on matching perforate vignettes for Sokol Games Osijek 5pa, 10pa,15pa, 25pa 50pa & 1Din, with either Cyrillic or Latin inscription, all used with red Osijek Games oval postmark, noted pairs, blocks, also diverse tête-bêche vignette pairs, apparently about 130 sets, mostly very fine (Est ? 260/360)

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