postal auction #66

Airmail Collector

Saturday Jul 14, 2012 20:00 Europe/London

Airmail Collector postal auction #66

Auction #66 features 966 lots of worldwide airmail covers, airmail ephemera and airmail FDC’s and stamps. It also contains a fine selection of scarce trans Atlantic flights including a signed Wilkins North Polar Expedition flight 1927, Costes and Le Brix non-stop flight from Paris to Buenos Aires 1927, ‘Columbia’ first non-stop transatlantic flight from New York to Berlin 1927, signed S/S Isle de France return first catapult flight piloted by Domergue 1929, signed Post and Gatty Round the World flight in "Winnie Mae" 1931, Endres and Magyar "Justice for Hungary" flight from Newfoundland to Hungary 1931, Balbo Air Squadron Chicago to Rome 1933, signed Pond and Sabelli eastward and westward flights 1934, Bahamas and Dominican Republic acceptances for return of LZ129 Hindenburg first North America flight 1936, signed Focke-Wulf 'Brandenburg' first successful Trans-Atlantic round trip between Berlin and New York 1938. Also many related original B&W copyright and press photographs.