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23 Aug 2014

Carpatho-Ukraine was once part of the Hapsburg Empire, not under the control of Russia as some might think. This region that also includes Transcarpathia and Ruthenia was under the direct control of the Hapsburg Empire, and as such used stamps that were issued and used in Austria, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. Here’s a look at the popular stamp issues used in the area.

National Assembly Issues made available in Khust

In time for the planned First Carpatho-Ukrainian National Assembly in Khust, the government decided to design a stamp that will commemorate the event. Before the actual assembly, the famed 3-koruny blue stamp that showed the church of Yasinia was distribuited. The design of the stamp that showed the Church of the Ascension was actually a re-engraving and... Read More

21 Aug 2014

In 1941 Germany led by Adolf Hitler took control of Ukraine. At first the Germans were considered by some Western Ukrainians to have come to liberate Ukraine, but the bloody rule of Germany changed that perception soon enough and the locals turned against the German occupation. Though they took control of the region, the German forces did not initiate moves to tap into the people’s anger against the Stalin-led government. What the Germans did was to retain the collective-farming system, they sent people to work in Germany, worked towards the de-population of the country and worse, started the systematic killings of the Jewish population. The war was then concentrated on the eastern front where Nazi Germany suffered the maximum loss. On the Ukrainian side loss of life reached 1.4... Read More

14 Aug 2014
WHOLE COUNTRY IS RED, Chinese Stamp, sold for $815,000

There was a time when stamps printed and distributed in China were not highly regarded in the market. But in the last few decades, these stamps are starting to get attention thanks to increase in popularity. There are a number of reasons which can explain why these stamps are now must-haves among collectors. One reason can be found in the stamp values - the last few decades saw an increase in the overall value of the stamps in the area. The established collectors of the Hong Kong and China are believed to be responsible for the stamps’ renaissance. The improvement in values can be found not just in stamps but also in other postage materials. But when the values of all postage-related items is compared, the increase in value of stamp issues is more pronounced compared to other items... Read More

8 Aug 2014
A 1925 philatelic cover, the stamps are from Austria, Germany, Côte d'Ivoire, French Guiana, United States, and French India.

For the longest time, stamp collectors and enthusiasts have thought up creative ways on how they can source and collect stamps for their collections. One such strategy involves the use of the philatelic cover, or an envelope loaded with stamps and address and sent using the postal delivery system with the objective to boost one’s collections. It was a common practice for stamp collectors to exchange mails among themselves in the hope of getting their hands on the treasured stamps. The practice started in the 19th century, and while most of the collectors focus more on first day covers, some see these as unimportant stamps not worthy of collection. These collectors want stamps that were used in the real world, and they are willing to pay a premium for them.

When it... Read More