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9 Oct 2014

The Penny Blue, a one-penny postage stamp released in 1840 has been frequently mistaken as one of the many postage stamps issued by Britain. The wrong impressions often stem from the fact that the stamp carries an image of a regal lady with a crown. The stamp is actually a part of a collection of proof impressions designed and released when Roland Hill was looking for new inspirations for colors that can be used on stamps, as the replacement for the Twopence Blue and the Penny Black. The decision to change the colors of the stamps had already been approved, and the color of the ink for use in cancellations had been identified as black. While it was already agreed upon that the two pence value will still sport the color blue, the authorities still planned on using a different ink... Read More

2 Oct 2014

The French were once one of the leading powers and explorers. Starting in the 18th until the 19th century, they expanded their ‘spheres of influences’ outside of the continent. But starting the 1960s, the territories began to reclaim their independence. The French influence may have waned in terms of administration, but its contribution to world arts and affairs persisted in many spheres, stamps and philately as well. The market is loaded with French stamps including mint inexpensive stamps that are accessible for all types of collectors and enthusiasts. The challenge is to spot these on collections since French colonial stamps are arranged in order, before France. For example, French Morocco comes before France in many stamp listing and collections.

The French Colonies

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24 Sep 2014
London’s Old Post Office Railway

The streets of London are always filled with buses, cars and people busy with their daily transactions. The cityscape has changed through the years, with new and modern buildings and vehicles that continue to amaze both the visitors and London residents alike. But beneath the capital’s streets is a 6-mile tunnel that plays host to an almost-forgotten mode of transportation - the London Post Office Railway, or affectionately called the Mail Rail. Erected more than a century ago by an act of the Parliament, the Mail Rail was primarily used to carry almost 12 million postal items starting from White Chapel in the East End to Paddington in the West.

Getting ready for tourists

The train was just one of the dozen trains in the tube platform but this one was special, and in a... Read More

4 Sep 2014
Inverted Jenny - The Story Behind a Rare Find

Postage stamps aren’t just items you place on envelopes so that these can be air-mailed to choice destinations and recipients. Stamps are also treasures that can be collected and used to tell a story or explain a country’s history. Take the case of the popular ‘Inverted Jenny’ stamp, also known as Jenny Invert and Upside Down Jenny. This is one stamp that tells a loaded story, a story that has been told and retold, each retelling adding to its charm and overall value. This stamp is now considered the most famous (and sought-after) stamp in American philately and for all the right reasons. The stamp has been sold and resold for large sums of money, including the block of four ‘Jenny’ stamps that sold for US $2.7 million in 2005! This stamp is rare, treasured and valuable, but how... Read More