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1 Jan 2015

The Red Cross and Red Crescent, both symbols used in voluntary health work and humanitarian initiatives, are also highly sought-after subjects for stamps. Stamp collectors and enthusiasts are now starting to appreciate the value and the history that comes with these symbols. It was during the First World War that these symbols were used on mails, primarily for fundraising activities. And since these were for humanitarian purposes, the stamps were accepted and gained traction among the general public.

The story of the Red Cross and stamps can be traced to Jean-Henry Dunant when he decided to organize Red Cross as a way to address the suffering after the Battle of Solferino (1859). The colors that have become iconic through the years were produced when uniform fabric and blood... Read More

25 Dec 2014

The many dynasties of China and the Mongol Empire are two of the earliest and influential empires in Asia and the rest of the world, and they made their mark on different fronts. In terms of military might, China and the Mongols are known for their military prowess. In fact the Mongol Empire produced some of the best military tacticians including Genghis Khan. 

While the advanced culture and military prowess are the main advantages of these two empires that allowed them to prosper and become two of the world’s early powers, these two also relied on a basic messaging system that kept them ahead of the rest. In 1200, the Mongol Empire through Genghis Khan adopted a postal station, and an empire-wide message system carried out by their messengers.

Kublai Khan, the grandson... Read More

18 Dec 2014

The Wilding Series of stamps is actually a series of stamps that show the photographic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that were printed and in wide circulation from 1952 to 1971. These stamps were rated for their intricate designs, including the use of graphite lines. Also, these stamps featured the phosphor bands that promoted automation. The Wilding Series is cited for its value and through the inclusion of regional emblems.

Intricate and royal designs on the Wilding Series stamps

The focal point of the stamps is the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that was officially taken on February 26, 1952 by Dorothy Wilding. Miss Wilding has been a member of the Royal Court and authorized to take the portraits of the Queen. There were a number of designs that were considered for... Read More

11 Dec 2014

On May 6, 1937, the German Hindenburg burst into flames while attempting to navigate the runway at Lakehurst, New Jersey. In a matter of seconds, the once-mighty German zeppelin that completed sixty-three flights, including round trip to the United States (1936) met its fiery end. Even though the airship became fiery wreckage, the lives of nearly 2/3 of the crew members were saved.

According to final assessment conducted by the authorities, thirty-five people died on-board the 803’10” long airship. Also, it was not clarified what really caused the disaster- some theories centered on generated electricity from storm that ignited the airship’s hydrogen to sabotage. Whatever the reason, the explosion took the lives of many and increased the interest of stamp enthusiasts. The reason... Read More