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19 Feb 2015
Louis-Eugene Mouchon's French Stamp Design

When it comes to stamp design and engraving, the name Louis-Eugene Mouchon is always included in the list, thanks to his top designs that impressed not just his native France but also other collectors from Iran, Ethiopia and various European countries. The portfolio is extensive, but there’s one that’s tagged under his name, the stamp shown above. While this was considered by many as a great achievement, it was in fact received with some criticisms. To set the record straight, this 1900 series featured the work of three designers, and the artist was the one who designed the middle values, between ‘Merson’ and ‘Blanc’ values.

Experts and students of philately are one in saying that the image shows a female allegory of the government of France with the Sceptre of Justice and Human... Read More

8 Feb 2015
Abraham Lincoln on Stamps

If there’s a listing of the most popular and greatest presidents the United States have ever produced, then surely the name Abraham Lincoln will show the way. It was both the best (and the worst) of times during Lincoln’s rule, but this served as a watershed moment for one of the greatest leaders to shine through actions against slavery and national turmoil. His face, his policy directions and of course the Gettysburg Address are considered the Lincoln trademarks. And today, his legacy lives on thanks to the production of postage stamps in honor of the man. If you are interested in the life of the former leader, then it’s best to study the different postage stamps made in honor of Lincoln, arranged in different themes.

From humble beginnings and the Bar

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29 Jan 2015

Latin America has been troubled with conflicts and wars through centuries, but there’s one conflict that happened in 1937 that left a scar on the region. And the reasons for this conflict are the usual suspects - land, pride and postage stamps.

The competing parties are Nicaragua and Honduras, the subject is ‘territory’, the trigger - postage stamps. While other countries are drawn into war because of aggression or dropped bombs, the case of these two Central American countries started with a postage stamp. It all started with a Nicaraguan postage stamp released in August, 1937 showing a country map with its northern zone bordering Honduras, and this area was marked 'territorio en litigio' or territory under dispute. The problem was that Honduras has long recognized that this... Read More

18 Jan 2015
Stamp Insurance - An Investment You Can Count On
Stamp Insurance - An Investment You Can Count On

While insurance has been traditionally associated with fixed assets and real estate and even one’s life, keep in mind that it can also work for your stamp collection. According to industry bloggers like Carrie Van-Brunt-Wiley and Samantha Alexander, it pays to secure your stamp collection and to do it now. Philately is not just about searching and researching about valuable stamps; responsible philately also means securing your collection so that the future generations (and enthusiasts) can appreciate all these. Signing up for insurance serves as your cover in case the stamps are compromised.

Sure, you can count on albums, plastic covers and archive or museum-quality plastic sleeves, but often these are not enough in protecting the integrity of the stamps. But it’s a different... Read More