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30 Apr 2015
Miniature Sheets

There are various ways in which Postage Stamps are packaged, and one arrangement is through the use of a miniature sheet. A Miniature Sheet or the Souvenir Sheet is composed of a number of stamps still attached on the original sheet of paper on which they are printed. Postage stamps may be considered as regular issues, or can be considered special issues when printed to commemorate an important event or celebration. The number of stamps in every sheet may vary - a miniature sheet may contain just one postage stamp, or it can contain around 25 postage stamps.

Postage stamps included in the sheet may be imperforate or perforated. The margins of the sheet may contain additional texts (see sheet above). The margins of the sheet may also contain other information, or may... Read More

26 Mar 2015
$2 Dollar Columbian Stamps

When it comes to scarcity and artistry, the two dollar Columbian stamps are considered a prized catch in the postage stamp market. The engraving on the postage stamp shows Columbus in chains, reminiscent of a probable image taken in the 15th century. For students of history, Columbus is a notable figure, having explored the ‘new world’ now known as America.

Only a few thousands were printed, thus making this postage a rare commodity in philately. These postage stamps were released in different values. And just like other early postage stamps, this issue has its own set of flaws. But these flaws did not deter the postage stamp collectors in investing in these stamps. In other stamps, the overall value often deteriorates when there are printing qualities like poor centering. But... Read More

19 Mar 2015
Vytis on Lithuanian stamps and coins

To celebrate its inclusion in the European Union and the official use of the euro as its currency, the Lithuanian government issued €0.75 stamp on January 1 ,2015. This commemorative stamp features the three colors of the government - red, green and yellow and includes both sides of the coin. Also, the euro marker is depicted in the stamp. The national coat of arms, the Vytis, the white knight that rides the horse is prominently included in the stamp as well.  This is not the first time that the image of Vytis was included in stamps or coins of Lithuania. The image was first used in the 14th century to decorate some of the early coins. The design of the stamps can be attributed to Antanas Zukauskas, and it prominently included the 12 stars that signify solidarity and unity of all... Read More

11 Mar 2015
Get your kids into Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is not just another trendy hobby. The great thing about stamp collecting is that it rewards you with persistence and patience. It teaches you to embrace everything that is related to history and the modern images that we have today.

This is one reason why many teachers and parents think that this is a great hobby that kids should be encouraged to try.

Most experts in child development would say that there are quite a few benefits that stamp collecting offers. The only challenge is how to encourage kids to get started with the hobby. Great looking stamps no longer arrive in the mailbox, because ground mails are not as popular these days. This is why teachers and parents should make an effort for the kids to appreciate the hobby.

Here are some... Read More