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26 May 2015
Tips to trading postage stamps

While collecting postage stamps can be a source of knowledge and history lessons, remember that it can also work as an investment and can provide a great return of investment. Today, philately is no longer just considered for education; rather this is now seen by many as a profitable hobby. To make this happen, you’ll need to understand the basics of postage stamp trading and collection.
Assess the condition of the stamps - One way to become successful in postage stamp trading is to learn how to check the quality and condition of the stamps. Remember, you want to receive stamps in good condition, so learn to send these away in good condition as well. This means staying away from damaged stamps or stained stamps. If possible, lightly cancelled stamps and well-centered. And when it... Read More

21 May 2015
How to learn the value of your stamps

Learning how to identify the values of postage stamp is one requirement to fully enjoy philately and trading of postage stamps. Here are some recommendations on how you can screen stamps, and discover their value.

Check the Web, Read Stamp Catalogs

Traditionally, the values of the postage stamps will depend on the condition and the centering used. Other variables are thrown into the picture, but there are some basic rules that you can check out if you want to establish yourself as a stamp collector. For starters, you can count on websites that post tutorials and guides on postage stamps. These resources can help you spot damages that may affect overall value. If you plan to use the web to search for stamps, remember to use online comparison tools. These tools can help... Read More

14 May 2015
Tuscany Postage Stamps

Postage stamps have different values in the market, and often their perceived values will depend on availability, design and significance and the place of origin. This is the reason why the listing of valuable postage stamps is considered an elite list, since only a few stamps can be considered rare and highly valuable. And when it comes to valuable and classic postage stamps, collectors can’t go wrong with the postage stamps from Tuscany, Italy, particularly those that were issued from 1851 to 1860. These were the years of independence for Tuscany, before it was officially admitted into the United Provinces of Central Italy. The independence of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany ran from 1569 to 1859, and counted Florence as its capital. It was in 1862 when the state was... Read More

7 May 2015
How to Appraise your Stamps

Aside from denominations and design, the condition and stamp grade of the postage stamps are critical factors to consider in appraising the value of a stamp. The grade and condition can affect the overall valuation of the stamps, and help you build a world-class collection. In philately, the postage grade refers to the presence and quality of centering, the presence of cancellations, and the condition on the other hand focuses on the ‘actual damages’ including color fading, stains and alterations.

Determining the Condition of a Postage Stamp

One can easily check the condition of the postage stamp by visually checking the stamps. The same is true when it comes to faults - you need to physically examine the postage stamps to know... Read More