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16 Jul 2015
1856 British Guiana on display at Smithsonian Museum

Every collector and enthusiast has a ‘dream collectible item’ that can redefine a collection, or change how the art of collecting will be seen. And in the world of philately, one of the more rare and treasured item for collection is the British Guiana (1856), generally considered as one of the most important and expensive piece of stamp in the world right now. Measuring 2.5 centimetres by 3.2 centimetres, this miniature piece of paper has become an iconic member of the world of philately, even motivating experienced and established stamp collectors to snap the stamp for nearly $10 million US dollars. The offer by a stamp enthusiast isn’t an aberration- according to Sotheby’s, this rare stamp is the most expensive and rarest in the bunch and it is... Read More

9 Jul 2015
Mail sorting and delivery by train

The use of trains didn’t just change the way people move from one location to the next- the adoption of trains also changed the way mails are delivered. Thanks to railway trains, the increasing volume of mails that needed to be sorted and delivered on time was managed, giving way to another golden age for stamp collecting and philately. The popularity of using trains as platforms for sorting and mail delivery significantly gained traction right after the Civil War. It was the time when Railway Mail Service cars were customized and designed to accommodate these tasks. Trains cars were refurbished for this purpose alone.

To ensure that the mail operations could tap into the railroad systems, the Post Office required that post offices be... Read More

2 Jul 2015
Maltese Showcase of Culture Through Stamps

As a way to showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage, the Malta’s government through MaltaPost has decided to issue a set of postage stamps that will showcase a glimpse of its culture. The three postage stamps focus on the Regatta, Festa and the traditional procession every Sunday. The philatelic issues depict the religious heritage and other celebrations that are popular in the country. Each valued stamp features an image and subject based on its rich heritage, including the €1.16 stamp showing a procession with Risen Christ during Easter, €0.59 postage stamp that takes a snapshot of the Regatta, an annual event hosted every March 31 and September 8 and the €0.26 postage stamp, showing the festivity of St George. Also, the postage stamp that shows... Read More

26 Jun 2015
Hawaiian Missionaries - Starting a Tradition of Hawaiian Postage Stamps

The production of stamps in Hawaii may not rival the early production of postage stamps by other countries, but there’s no denying the story and value of the early stamps produced in the state. The first batches of stamps in Hawaii were called the ‘Hawaiian Missionaries’ since these stamps were initially used by missionaries in the islands. Today, these postage stamps are considered rare, thus will command higher prices in the market. These stamps were officially introduced to the general public on October 1, 1851 and available in three denominations. The first set of postage stamps was also available in three rates. Collectors were treated with the 2-cent postage stamp, the 5-cent postage stamps and the 13-cent postage stamps, and different stamps were... Read More