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United States

House of Zion a dealer and auctioneer specializing in Israel and Holy Land Material. Operating from Redwood City, CA.


Rolf and Beatrice Rölli-Schär have been passionate philatelists since the 1960s. Over five decades of experience has given them an enormous knowledge base allowing them to turn their hobby into a professional career in 1970. The Auction House was founded in 1975. Daughter Christina Bamford-Rölli... Read More


The auction house was founded in 1991 by Mr. Walter Dienger and has subsequently been run successfully by Daniel Stade for more than 10 years. Mr. Stade revived the auction business and within two years and five highly successful auctions later, Stade-Auctions had already become one of the most... Read More


Van Dieten Stamp Auctions: in 3 centuries at your service!

In November 1892 Jan van Dieten organizes his first stamp auction. It is a great success. The 100th auction takes place in January 1906, the 200th in February 1923. Jan van Dieten passes away in January 1931. The auctions are... Read More

United Kingdom


Airmail Collector is a company  concerned exclusively with the purchase and sale by postal auction of flown and first flight covers from the pioneer period to the present day, airmail related ephemera, aerophilatelic literature, airmail stamps and first day covers.

The company is... Read More

New Zealand

J R Mowbray (Philatelist) is New Zealand's leading philatelic auction house, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Mowbray Collectables Limited.

The Firm's Principal

The company employs ten staff. Additionally the major shareholder and Managing Director, John Mowbray, maintains an... Read More


The auction house Ulrich Felzmann GmbH & Co. KG was founded 1976 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Established and owned by Ulrich Felzmann, it is one of Germanys leading auction companies for philately and numismatics. The company’s years of experience form the basis for the trust shown to it by... Read More


The firm Barac - Pervan Ltd established in 2005 the Auction House Barac-Pervan, the basic activity of which is preparing and leading public auctions for numismatics and philately. The auctions are held twice a year in our »Cathedral Hall« situated in Zagreb, Vlaška 7/1. Every auction is... Read More

Czech Republic

Burda Auction house of Philatelic, Numismatic and other collectables. The company Headquarters are in Brno, Bohunická 81, Czech Republic and a Branch in Praha (Prag). Auctions are held 3-4 times a year.