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Friday Feb 07, 2014 17:00 Australia/Sydney

Perhaps surprisingly, this is the first major public auction in this country devoted to the stamps of South Australia.  Michael Blake’s exceptional exhibit of the Perkins Bacon issues only was awarded a Large Gold Medal at Melbourne 2013, and was a candidate for the Grand Prix National.

In the relevant period South Australia issued more denominations than any of our other Colonies.  Consequently, the stamps of SA are the most colourful and visually appealing.  Throughout the sale you will find sensational singles, gorgeous blocks, and important postal history items, including high value frankings and unusual destinations.

Several world-class rarities are on offer.  The unissued 1/- violet  -  Ex Dale/Lichtenstein  -  is possibly the finest example known.  The London printing 2d with ‘CANCELLED’ handstamp has full margins.  The Imperf 1/- orange is a superior example.  The unique Rouletted 1/- yellow pairImperforate Between is on offer.

The highlight of the sale is an unused example of the 4d ultramarine with ‘3-PENCE’ Omitted SG 68c.  With only two unused and six used examples in private hands, this stamp is significantly rarer than the famous Inverted Frame of Western Australia, offered at about one-tenth of what we would put on the latter stamp.

Friday Feb 07, 2014 13:00 Australia/Sydney

Our first general sale for 2014 is another well-balanced offering of fine stamps, proofs, covers, postal stationery etc. 

British Empire collections are a strength of the miscellaneous section. An attractive range of photographs is followed by a strong offering of picture postcards, notably a collection of World War I humour cards offered by the album.

Australia features several very fine Two Pound Roos, and exciting corner blocks of 15 of the so-called “Chambon Essay” for the 1/- Large Lyrebird, in red and in blue!  A fine selection of airmail covers, both first flights and commercial mail will attract a lot of interest.

Moving on to Australian Colonies/States, New South Wales and Tasmania are well represented.  The sale of an unused 1d Sydney View for $26,450 in our sale of 8th November last, resulted in another superb Penny View being consigned for this auction.  A complete CTO set of South Australian Long Stamps to £20 are offered individually.  A sensational batch of 1870s covers from tiny settlements in the Northern Territory are offered at auction for the very first time.

Rest of the World includes colourful proofs from the Cook Islands, a very fine Falklands collection, a selection of the controversial ‘OPSO’ Handstamps from New Zealand, and a Pitcairns collection that includes the two earliest recorded stamped covers from that lonely outcrop.

The key section in the sale is the “Five Settings” collection of NWPI complete formes of 30 to 5/- x2 with most of the rarities including 1d and 2½d with margins, 1d Die II, 3d Die II and the famous 2½d with Missing Fraction.  Several blocks have major overprint varieties.  We also offer not one but two examples of the rare NWPI First Wmk 5/-!!

The sale concludes with a section of philatelic literature section, including very scarce early “name sale” auction catalogues.

Friday Nov 08, 2013 17:00 Australia/Sydney

Prestige Philately is proud to present their first public auction devoted to the fascinating world of postal stationery. Offerings include the outstanding collections of Australian Postal Cards and Wrappers formed by Melbourne collectors John Sinfield and Mark Diserio respectively.

John Sinfield, probably the Number One collector of Australian postal stationery and one of Australia's most accomplished exhibitors, has put together a Postal Cards collection that was awarded Large Gold at the international exhibition in China in 2009. This exhibit also won Large Gold - with Felicitations of the Jury - and the National Grand Prix at Sydney Stamp Show in 2011.

Mark Diserio has enjoyed a lower profile as a collector but both his Registration Envelopes and Wrappers (Large Vermeil at Australia 2013) have been accorded high marks in competition.

Combining elements of traditional stamp collecting and postal history, postal stationery is a field of great scope and inherent interest.

Essays, proofs, varieties and freaks - all elements of serious stamp collecting - are all in evidence here. Especially with the Kangaroo and KGV Sideface designs, such items compete for inclusion in collections of stamps and postal stationery. In fact, many sophisticated collectors hold to the view that designs common to both stamps and postal stationery are an integral part of the story of those stamp issues.

Postal history enthusiasts can also look to used postal stationery for evidence of rates, routes, and postal markings. It should be noted that some postal rates are actually best represented by postal stationery.

In addition, thematic or topical collectors can also find much of interest in the field of postal stationery. Scenic and other illustrated issues are obvious candidates but many subtle connections can also be identified by the experienced thematicist. Collectors of underpaid or registered mail, of advertising and official emissions, will also find much of interest here, including some of the rarest items in the latter fields.

It is these intertwined interests that reveal much of the appeal of postal stationery. This is a multi-faceted discipline that can engage on multiple levels.

In particular, I would draw your attention to what is surely the most comprehensive group of 1917 reissued reply postal cards ever assembled in one sale: Lots 2088 to 2095. Also of great note are the exceptional ½d+½d Kangaroo Reply Postal Card (Lot 2173) and the KGVI+Queen Mother “doubleton” Wrapper (Lot 2354).

Unsold lots available at 80% of estimate.

Friday Nov 08, 2013 13:00 Australia/Sydney

This auction contains a large number of attractive options for clients looking for new interest, from well-developed collections, through to remaindered lots and other offerings that could form the nucleus for a new passion.  
The auction includes beautiful single stamps, world-class rarities, exceptional postal history, and so on.  
This sale concludes with an extensive not-to-be-missed Literature section, including major handbooks and an array of “name sale” auction catalogues.  It’s a great opportunity to upgrade your personal philatelic library.

Unsold lots available at 80% of estimate.