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Ben-Ami Endres Auctions Auction 242: Stamps , Archaeological items and coins, World Coins, Silver and Jewelry
Wednesday Dec 28, 2016 18:00 Asia/Jerusalem

Stamps from Niv Z"L collection and others, Archaeological items and coins


Thursday, 22.12.16, 14:00-20:00
Friday, 23.12.16, 10:00-14:00
Sunday-Tuesday, 25.12.16-27.12.16 ,14:00-20:00

Our New Address: 16 Galgaley Haplada Herzliya (2nd Floor)
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Ben-Ami Endres Auctions Stamps and covers from the Estate of the late Menachem Niv
Thursday Jul 28, 2016 18:00 Asia/Jerusalem

For sale: Palestine from Turkish rule till end of Brit. Mandate Israel 1948 Interim period, and foreign countries.
Catalogue edited by: Eitan Amiri and Raphael Wormser 
Auction will take place at 16 Galgaley Haplada St. Herzliya
Monday-Wednesday, 25.7.16-27.7.16 between: 14:00-20:00